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Top Ten Benefits of Owning your Own Noevir Business

1. You don’t have to wait until Friday at five to have fun and be profitable! Your business is open 24 hours a day with on-line ordering; everyday you have the opportunity to meet for coffee, make new friends and move your business forward.

2. You never worry that your bonus check contains a pink slip!
More likely, your reward at National Convention will be an envelope stuffed with CASH.

3. When you look in the mirror you’re looking at your boss!
You bring the creativity and the control and write your own game plan just like The Donald!

4. Your office will never be moved next to the coffee machine!
Your office is wherever you are—on a plane, in Malibu, at a Starbucks near home, in your PJs.

5. Your friends will complain that you’re always flying off to exotic locations! Noevir incentive trips annually whisk you away on a five-star trip to Japan; National Conventions introduce you to exciting cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Honolulu, Orlando, Vancouver, where the food is great, the accommodations superb and the friendships life-long. Extend your stay, bring the kids, this is no humdrum business trip!

6. You get to hand pick the people you work with! Imagine that!!!
Ever had a boss or co-worker that drove you up a wall? Pick who you work with. Build your biz with your best friend, daughter or sister. Reconnect with a friend across the continent.

7. You get to use the world’s finest anti-aging products; just call it The Biz! Be the envy of your friends when you are the first to receive state-of-the art proprietary anti-aging products that keep you looking a dozen years younger! Forget the “toxes” and the “abrasions.” Think Noevir spa heaven—like a box of fine chocolates for your skin!

8. Your business partner is a billionaire!
Noevir’s founder Mr. Hiroshi Okura welcomes you to think like a billionaire —think long-term, embrace time-freedom, and welcome the opportunity to travel the world and follow your heart. Dream big dreams, cast your vision and devote your life to a mission! This is life at its best! The life you were designed to live! Pass it on—this biz is all about hope!

9. Your kids will think time-freedom is a given!
Why should your kids see you in the nooks and crannies of their lives? Build your biz in the nooks and crannies of your life; invest more time with the kiddos tossing softballs in the back yard, investigating castles in France, surfing in Hawaii, and relaxing at your vacation home in the mountains or beside the ocean. Day cares are for other people’s kids!

10. You’ll be hanging out with the most generous people in the world— earning money, making a difference, and having fun!
Listen to what successful people have to say about the network marketing industry.

Things to remember:

I never have to wait for someone to give me a raise!  I decide how much I want to make.

I never have to worry that my boss likes and supports someone else!  I determine my own fate

Keith Cameron Smith author of The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class writes “In my opinion, everyone should have a small business….One way of doing this is to join a network marketing company.”

Donald Trump writes in Why We Want You to be Rich (co-authored with Robert Kiyosaki) “Network marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income.”

Top Ten Benefits of Owning your Own Noevir Business!!

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"Janice is wired for success. Her ability to strategically think for each business partner gives her downline an edge over other groups. Her past success in the corporate world intertwined with her knowledge of the Noevir's business plan and product is what most customers and representatives desire. Her passion to serve the clients is why she has attained the levels of honor at Noevir. This is why I personally have signed up again under Janice to ensure I'm getting the best products for myself and family. I know Janice will educate me on new products and notify me when special offers will benefit my pocket book. How fortunate for Noevir she is committed to their company, to her business partners and customers. Janice is a "guaranteed success"."

- Julie Higgins