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 Anti-Aging Skin Care Products from Noevir

Noevir Skin Care, Cosmetics and Nutritional Products

For over 30 years, the Noevir skincare philosophy has been to create skincare products that are "natural to the skin." Since introducing the first Noevir skincare line in 1978, Noevir has continued to innovate and to grow. Watch this informative video on the Science and Philosophy behind Noevir Skincare.

Today, in addition to skincare, Noevir offers a complete collection of personal care products designed to help everyone look and feel young and healthy.

Long known for its commitment to research and development, Noevir has now been recognized as a leading innovator in the cosmetics industry by the Japan Patent Office. This ranking has cemented Noevir’s position as a global leader in cosmetic innovation, particularly in the development of new effective ingredients.

Committed to innovation and excellence, Noevir creates the world's finest personal-care products - skincare, cosmetics, and nutritionals.  Learn about the history and origins of this incredible skincare line in this informative video "Gifts from the Black Forest: Origins of Noevir Skincare".

Enhancing the benefits of nature thru science - Noevir's own proud tradition - is carried on in the uniquely effective Tokara Sea Mineral line of Noevir Hair Care and Body Products. Noevir researchers are aware that women divers in Japan have very beautiful skin.  Noevir is investigating the role of sea water minerals in this effect, and have discovered a close family resemblance between the minerals found in human blood and the minerals found in sea water. Noevir's Salt Masters extract pure minerals from the sea water leaving the minerals unchanged.   Watch this short video to learn more.

Natural Skin Care

99 Skin Care LineNoevir's skincare products are formulated on the principle that the finest skincare products should be made from natural ingredients that are safe for the skin. To minimize the risk of skin irritation to all skin types, Noevir uses only super-refined natural ingredients to assure that all possible irritants are removed and the products are as pure as they can possibly be. Noevir skincare contains no unnecessary ingredients! As an additional effort to prevent potential skin irritation, we proudly offer you skincare products with NO mineral oil, NO artificial emulsifiers (binding agents), NO artificial coloring agents and, of course, Noevir conducts NO animal testing.

You can trust Noevir skincare and body care products to help you achieve naturally reliant, youthful-looking skin.

Interested in learning more about two of Noevir’s most popular skincare lines? Well, here’s your chance! We’ve added a special message from the developer of the 99 and 105 Skincare Line to our Noevir website. To view this message, visit the product section of our www.noevirusa.com/janicemarkley website, choose either the 99 or 105 skincare Line, and click on “Description.” There’s a link to the message on the bottom of the product text.


The Noevir cosmetics collection helps bring out your best features - whether your colors are warm, cool or neutral, and whether your style is casual or sophisticated.

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The Inner Care Premium Nutritional line combines time-tested herbal wisdom with the most advanced scientific research in the field of nutrition. Inner Care Premium Nutritionals are the finest supplements available, helping your body meet the demands of your busy life with a feeling of balance and a healthy-looking glow.

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More Celebrity News - Angelah loves Noevir!

Well known comedienne, Anjelah Johnson, has recently attributed her beautiful complexion to Noevir's 99 Skincare Line.  In an interview with BeautyInterviews.com, the up and coming star has declared Noevir's skincare products as her latest faves! In fact, Anjelah loves the products so much that she has also become a Noevir consultant

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Important: Do not be fooled by auction sites such as E-Bay, Amazon, or other non-authorized Noevir distributors who claim to sell Noevir as the real deal. Read more.

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