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 Anti-Aging Skin Care Products from Noevir

Basic Skincare Regimen 1.2.3

Follow these three easy steps to a more beautiful you! Be sure to use a quality skin care line like Noevir's 99 Line for best results.

Your daily pampering ritual:

1. Cleanse
The foundation of an effective skincare regimen, superior cleansing gently lifts away oil and water-based impurities that contribute to dull, flaky and blemish-prone skin.



2. Tone
Even gentle cleansing can disturb the natural pH balance of skin. Toning restores skin to its optimum pH level in preparation of effective moisturizing.


3. Moisturize & Protect
Protected from the elements, properly hydrated skin defies the signs of premature aging.


Additional Steps

Nightly massaging soothes away tension as it helps boost circulation for increased elasticity and a healthy, glowing complexion.

More then an indulgence, masking draws out embedded impurities and gently exfoliates for a smooth, translucent complexion. Treat yourself two to three times per week to maximize the benefits of moisturizers and special treatment products.

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How and When to Cleanse

Cleanliness is must, but that doesn't mean you should scrub your face as if it were the kitchen sink. Scrubbing too aggressively can lead to sensitivity and dryness. Daily gentle washing is best done with a pair of clean hands. Washcloths should be soft and clean as they may do damage to the skin on the face otherwise and they could harbor harmful bacteria. No loofah sponges or plastic puffy things please...too harsh and too bacteria prone!

Let's take a look at the correct way to wash your face.

1) Wash your hands first. Otherwise, you'll just be rubbing dirt and bacteria onto your skin. If you wear eye makeup, use an eye makeup remover to tissue it off before cleansing. Try a cleansing cream/gel, like those contained in the Noevir's NHS, 99 Skin Care Line,105 Skin Care Line or EXTRA Skin  Care Line, to deep clean skin to eliminate makeup, air pollutants and other oil-based impurities from the surface. 

Great Skin Tip: Reapply cleansing cream/gel for a nightly massage.  Nightly massaging soothes away tension as it helps boost circulation for increased elasticity and a healthy, glowing complexion.
2) Wet your face completely by splashing it with warm or tepid water. Avoid hot water, which strips skin of its natural protective oils, leaving it fragile and dry. Think of your skin as cashmere! Try one of Noevir's Facial Cleansers from either the NHS, 99 Skin Care Line, 105 Skin Care Line or EXTRA Skin  Care Line to gently cleanse away water-based impurities, such as dust and perspiration, with a soft, foaming lather.

3) Place a dime-size amount of cleanser onto a wet hand. With the fingers of the other hand, whip the cleanser into a foam. Then, using your fingertips, gently massage the cleanser into your skin using circular motions. Do not put your cleanser onto dry skin--too stimulating for the skin and not very effective.

4) Start at the forehead, then move down the nose, out to the cheeks and down. Don't forget your hairline, eyebrows, and neck. As for timing, anything less than 20 seconds is too short and anything longer than a minute is too long.

5) Rinse the cleanser off by repeatedly splashing tepid water over your face. Pay attention to spots that are easily missed, such as the hairline. Spend more time rinsing than cleansing. I suggest 20-30 splashes to clean off cleanser residue which if left on can clog the pores and cause acne and irritation. Chin and hairline acne are often the result of not rinsing the face long enough.

6) Use a soft, clean towel to gently blot-not rub or pull- your face and neck. If your skin is oily, blot it until it's completely dry and apply balancing lotion and moisturizer as needed. If you have dry skin, dab the skin until it's almost dry, then blot on the balancing lotion and moisturizer and skin cream to seal in the water.

When to Cleanse
Going to bed without washing your face is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. It ages the skin 4 days each time you choose sleep over cleansing the face! Going to bed without washing your face creates a breeding ground for the development of blackheads, whiteheads, and blocked pores. Cleanse no more than twice a day. When you wash your face in the morning, you can do it in the shower to save time. Just remember to take your facial cleanser into the shower with you. Soaps and washes can dry out the skin on the face and cause irritation.

Tip: Shampoo your hair first before washing your face. The shampoo will have less of a chance of running down the face and drying it out and clogging the pores.

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Tips for Washing your Skin

Dear Janice,
What are the best steps for proper facial skin care? Is there a proper etiquette for washing my face?
Following my simple facial skin care tips, you can wash your face without irritating or stripping your skin of its' natural oils.

Start with a hair band to get the hair back and off the face. Make sure your hands are clean to avoid spreading dirt and bacteria, which can worsen conditions like facial acne. Dampen your face and hands with a splash of lukewarm water before applying your skin care line's cleanser. Whip the cleanser in the palm of your hand into a rich lather so it will distribute evenly and easily on the face and neck. Using a dime-sized dollop of cleanser, spread the cleanser over the entire face in a massaging motion using gentle, circular motions.

If you prefer to use a washcloth, use a fresh, clean one every day since they can harbor bacteria. Thoroughly rinse your face with tepid water using gentle splashes some 20-30 times. Use a dry, soft, clean towel to blot your face and neck dry--rubbing can cause inflammation.

When applying your skin care line's toner, use flat cotton pads which are easier to use and absorb less product than round cotton balls. If you have dry skin, apply your toner while the skin is still damp and not completely dry to lock in moisture.

Using a spatula (never use your fingernails), remove skin cream out of the jar to prevent direct contact and contamination with the product.

If you have any questions or comments about facial skin care, please contact me by e-mail.

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A Few Good Reasons to Avoid Mineral Oil

Dear Janice,
What's the deal with mineral oil and artificial emulsifiers?
Most of what is sold over the counter contains mineral oil.  Mineral oil is absorbed poorly into the skin. Mineral oil will interfere with the skin's natural moisturizing factor and actually produces dry skin, which then clogs the pores (which makes them larger), hardens the skin and causes breakouts.

Research suggests allergic reactions such as eczema, rashes, acne, and scaliness, etc. can be caused by artificial preservatives, fragrances, colors, and emulsifiers. Studies funded by the FDA implicate some artificial fragrances and some synthetic preservatives as the major allergens, along with pore-clogging petrochemicals like mineral oil.

Lately, used oil has been used as fuel for automobiles.  And of particular concern, used cooking grease has also turned into a thriving business for entrepreneurs.  They remove the moisture and impurities from the grease, turning it into a commodity called yellow grease, that is used in products such as animal feed and COSMETICS!!!  And women wonder why their skin is blotchy, uneven color and tone, rough to the touch and prone to breakout?

"Applying science to nature" has remained Noevir's corporate policy since it's inception and is the very origin of our creative process.  This policy does not merely refer to the use of natural materials but signifies the importance that Noevir's places on the quality of ingredients.  

In line with this policy, Noevir scientists turn to the world's oceans and lands in search of effective ingredients existing in nature. Our scientists then develop products from these ingredients, using highly sophisticated technology to extract only the best parts of these substances, which are then rigorously examined using independent criteria.  For example, Noevir scientists took note of the similarity in the balance of minerals in seawater and the human body, and, after many years of serious research focused on this area, they successfully developed cosmetics and nutritional made from active substances in seawater.  In this way, they have amassed numerous patented and exclusive ingredients on which we differentiate our products.
As part of efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, Noevir strives to offer products that exceed expectations.  To accomplish this, we devote considerable time and effort to product development, including careful assessment of the safety and efficacy of ingredients on the skin.  We liken this process to crafting vintage wine.  We start with the finest ingredients and add a touch of science and a wealth of know-how to create products that are not only safe and effective but are also truly one of a kind and that are simply outstanding.

Noevir celebrates 28 years as Japan’s premiere skincare and cosmetics brand. Infused with pure, patented anti-aging ingredients, our cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products are formulated using high-performance herbal, botanical and marine extracts from around the world.

Our entire product line is the result of decades of proprietary research and clinical testing conducted by a team of more than 100 on-staff scientists in our ISO-certified research facilities in Shiga and Kobe, Japan.

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