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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantSensitive Underarms after Shaving

Dear Janice,
I get raised red bumps after shaving my underarms, and antiperspirants sting. Do you have any shaving tips?

Your underarms are among the most sensitive areas on your body. This is due to the density of sweat glands there, repeated scraping with a razor, and potential allergic reactions to harsh cleansers or antiperspirants. Just 1% of underarms is made up of sweat glands and the rest is tender skin! It's no wonder the skin in this area gets irritated after shaving.

Best shaving tips for sensitive skin:
1) Because you probably have clogged pores, wash the underarm area with the B with a clean, damp washcloth when you come home from work, or in the evenings. This will help lift out the dead cells and unclog the pores. Do not apply any antiperspirant or deodorant. Let the underarm dry and let the pores have a chance to breathe.

2) When you are ready to shave, apply the Noevir 99 Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Shave in the direction of hair growth, (make sure your razor blade is new and not rusted). Rinse underarms thoroughly with tepid water. Soothe underarm skin with Noevir's Advanced Moisture Concentrate EX with newly discovered highly effective ingredient, Extra Licorice Extract and a moisture-holding structure, Aqua Lamella Structure - which gives it its astounding hydration properties to help with those annoying shaving bumps. (Great to use after bikini and lip wax treatments to soothe shaving bumps in those irritated areas as well).

3) Wait a few minutes to let the Advanced Moisture Concentrate EX penetrate before applying an antiperspirant. Read the testimonial below for even more great reasons to purchase this fantastic product!

4) You may also want to consider switching antiperspirant brands or switching to a deodorant. Antiperspirants contain aluminum and other potential irritants which may be causing the red bumps. Deodorants kill odor-causing bacteria without blocking perspiration.

With some persistence, following these shaving tips should ensure healthier, less irritated skin. Happy shaving!

Testimonial from an Advanced Moisture Concentrate EX user:

I ordered the Advanced Moisture Concentrate Ex.  I think EVERYONE should have this product.  My skin was feeling dehydrated and this product gave it the drink of water that it so sorely needed.  Amazing product!  When I fell and got a rug burn, I put this product on the burn and it healed really fast with no scar.  I bet it would be great for bikini waxing or lip or brow waxing.

- Kathy

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