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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantThe Importance of Toner

Dear Janice,
I generally skip the toner step because it either dries out my skin or irritates. Why do I need this skin care step?

Noevir's skin care products are all very gentle and safe to use on the entire facial skin, including the eye area. Each step of our skin care regimen does have a specific, beneficial purpose to the skin and is created to work in harmony with our skin's natural moisturizing ability.  Noevir's toners are all scientifically prepared to restore skin to it's optimal pH level after cleansing.  In so doing, the skin is better able to absorb moisturizer.  The moisturizer, in turn, is better able to bind with the next step which helps to delay the evaporation of the moisturizer.

In order to maintain younger looking skin, start by compensating for decreased natural moisturizer due to aging. Noevir skin care products are natural to the skin and it is important to complete the entire skin care regimen for optimal results: 1) cleanse, 2) tone and 3) moisturize/protect.

The balancing lotion also makes a nice transition to the next step of the process and maximizes the benefits of each product, including special treatment products.

Most if not all skin toners sold in the US are drying alcohol. Noevir's balancing lotion is alcohol-free,  created from a mixture of corn, honey and potatoes along with other ingredients for the express purpose of bring the skin to proper balance so that you do not need a gob of moisturizer that your skin would not need if your pH level of the skin were at balance.

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