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Stress, the Environment and Anti-Aging...

Dear Janice,
I work in a high stress office in a busy city center.  I've heard that stress can be linked to wrinkles.  What can I do?

The world we live in today is far from perfect. Let's take a moment and look at the environment around us. Stress and exposure to harmful pollutants such as radiation, tobacco smoke and polluted air can have a very negative effect on our body. In response to such factors, our body produces free radicals - the number one enemy to our immune system. Free radicals not only lead to premature aging, but can also promote various diseases.

Free radicals are also created as a natural by-product of certain processes within and among our cells. Unchecked, free radicals can cause damage to the cell structures and genetic materials which will then duplicate and spread throughout the entire body. This is why our body produces antioxidants. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals before they can do much harm. In a way, you might consider antioxidants our body's goalkeeper. If the goalkeeper is not in position, opposite players are free to strike at anytime, anywhere.

The problem is, however, that in today's society, our body not only has to deal with free radicals created by our own cells, it also has to fight free radicals produced in response to the high number of environmental pollutants around us. That's why you need to take Inner Care Premium BioRadiance & BioEssentials!

Our body requires a multitude of micro-nutrients to function properly. These are especially important when fighting or protecting against a multitude of ailments. It is also a vital component in leading an active lifestyle. Supplying these nutrients by eating a well-balance diet, with a wide variety of foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, is important. However, most Americans do not meet the suggested micronutrient intake required, and many are in need of filling the nutritional gap with a good multi-nutritional supplement. Well, look no more! BioEssentials is a complete and balanced daily nutritional supplement, designed to support the body and enhance overall health and wellness.

Natural aging, sun and other environmental stressors can really take a toll on our skin. Noevir’s BioRadiance is a ground-breaking nutritional supplement that promotes radiant, plump, more youthful-looking skin. By nourishing the body with a multitude of beneficial nutrients, it helps rejuvenate your skin from within, regardless of gender or skin type. As an essential and highly effective part of your regular skincare program, this unique “beauty & wellness” formulation helps to balance, repair and protect for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

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