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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantShaving Problems: Discolored Skin

Dear Janice,
I have a shaving problem, what can be used to fade away the dark color from shaving?

When the skin reacts to traumatic experience, it tends to over-produce melanin which results in hyperpigmentation and dark patches. With frequent shaving, men's skin can be just as sensitive as women's. It is important to pay special attention to using the right product such as a rich foam lather, a sharp razor in order to minimize uneven contact with the skin's surface, and to properly soothe and moisturize the irritated skin and replenish the barrier function. Noevir's men's 808 Line Set with special treatment, BlancNew Reset-W can help brighten the dark spots. BlancNew targets skin with age spots, freckles and discoloration in a whole new way. Definitely worth trying!

Testimonial from a 808 Line Set user:

I have been using Noevir's 808 Line and have definitely seen an improvement in the condition of my dry skin.  I use an electric shaver and it can be just as irritating as a straight razor blade because I press so hard to get a close shave and use the lotion to soothe the skin after shaving.

Also I recently started acupuncture treatments for simple stress and muscle stiffness and I use the Skin Milk when I get home and after showering and it helps soothe any small red spots from the very fine sterile needles used by my licensed acupuncturist.

Thanks again for introducing me to your product line, and when the bottles are empty, you will be receiving a reorder for sure.

- Robert, TX

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