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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantPore Obsession

Beauty is associated with perfect skin and pores are a huge part of that equation. When pores are tighter, light reflects better. You get an overall appearance of vitality, youthfulness, and health!

Genetics determine pore size, as do skin type and age. If your skin is oily, and that oil gets trapped inside the pores it oxidizes and turns dark. And age factors into the equation because over time, especially if you've had a lot of sun exposure in the past, you start to lose the collagen and elastin that support the pores. They begin to stretch and sag around the edges, which can make them look bigger.

While we can't shrink our pores with any permanency, using Noevir skin products and masks can help keep the skin clear and tight, making the pores less noticeable.

What exactly is a pore?

It's a pouching of skin into which the oil gland excretes or pumps oil to keep the skin from drying out. It also helps in the regulation of the body's temperature.

Can pores open and close?

No. Pores have no muscular attachment. So when people say that cold water will close your pores, that's not true. Alternately, steam or hot water won't cause them to open, but it will stimulate the oil glands. Use this tip...after washing the face, rinse by splashing with tepid water 20-30 times, to remove cleanser (which might otherwise clog the pores) and to hydrate skin.

Why do pores usually look larger on the nose?

Pores appear biggest where the oil glands are most active. That's often the T-zone.

What role do genetics play?

Everything is genetic--even pore size. So if your grandmother has big pores, there's a chance you will, too. But prevention is everything--and the greatest determining factor about how your pores will look in your 50s and beyond is how much sun you've gotten. So never forget your Noevir sun defense product!

How can sun exposure play a role in pore size?

Years of sun exposure or tanning beds can permanently dilate the pores--yet another reason to stay out of the sun and ditch the tanning salon. And over time, as you start to lose the collagen and elastin that's supporting the pore, it begins to stretch and sag around the edges. That's why pores and acne scars often appear bigger after age 45. 

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