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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantEssential Nutrients for a Healthy Lifestyle

Dear Janice,
Is it true that the fruit and veggies we eat nowadays are less nutritious than they were 20 years ago?  I'm worried that even with my healthy lifestyle I may not be getting all the essential nutrients my body needs.
As advancements in medical science continue to push the limits of human life expectancy, we are increasingly aware of the lasting impact our lifestyle choices can make. Boosting physical activity, consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables and adopting an effective anti-aging skincare regimen are some of the good habits we've endeavoured to replace the bad. While commendable, the disheartening truth is that these choices may not be enough.

In the past few decades, the world's produce has experienced a sharp decline in nutrients compared to the fruits and veggies consumed by our grandparents and great grandparents. The global demand for food to feed growing world populations has left soil all but depleted, resulting in produce that lacks the rich abundance of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients once customary at the family dinner table. Where does that leave the health-conscious individual of the twenty-first century?

In fact, a simple lifestyle choice can help offset the consequences of today's nutrient-poor foods. Noevir offers a complete line of balanced, superior nutritional supplements to complement modern, busy lifestyles. Consider adding Noevir Inner Care Premium Nutritionals, Spirulina, Agaricus XP and/or Cordyceps Sinensis to your daily dietary regimen. Investing in your health can yield tremendous potential returns.

*Spirulina provides chorophyll to help cleanse the body of harmful accumulated toxins.

Agaricus XP is rich in polysaccharide protein compounds to help support a healthy immune system. Recognized for years by Japanese health authorities (including the Japan Pharmacological Association and the Japan Cancer Association for their remarkable immune-enhancing properties, the finest Agaricus Blazei Murill mushrooms are hand-selected to produce our highly bioavailable powder supplement. Noevir Agaricus SP enhances the body's ability to combat diseases naturally, with no known side effects or food and drug interactions.

...and the list goes on. Discover how much younger you can look and feel when you feed your body what it's really hungry for. A healthy diet supplemented with Noevir Nutritionals empowers & provides your body with the essential nutrients required to live to your body's fullest potential, at any age.

Testimonial from an Agaricus XP user:

My family and I are thoroughly impressed with Agaricus. My dad fell flat on his face two days ago with a sudden onset of the flu. Could barely lift his arms he was so exhausted (plus stressed out), with a high fever, burning eyes, I was so worried I even called the paramedics (his vitals were fine, so they left). I gave him everything under the sun, supplements, etc. He was better with all of that. But the clincher was when I gave him two sticks of Agaricus in warm water last night (24 hours after onset). Before even finishing his cup, he started sweating (the fever broke) and was sprightly up and about, eyes sparkling and excited that he felt so good so quickly. He also slept like a baby last night (instead of his usual anxiety-filled insomnia - again, stress). SOOO, I want to promote Agaricus because it's worth every penny and more!

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