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Dear Janice,
I have little white bumps on the skin under my eyes. What are they?

Those bumps are most likely whiteheads called milia. This type of whitehead closes over itself. While a normal whitehead would rupture and go away, this type of whitehead has developed a thin cover of skin cells that cause them to harden and turn into cysts. The cyst then purshes up under, but not through, the surface of the skin, causing stubborn bumps that won't go away.

Using products that are too rich for your skin is one of the most common causes of milia, especially around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of the fact, so it is very easy to smother it if you are prone to this condition. The best treatment for milia is prevention as these stubborn bumps can take weeks to clear. 

Be good to your eyes! If you are prone to milia, steer clear of creamy eye shadows and choose instead a powder-based one. A light moisturizing eye cream, like Noevir's Perfecting Eye Cream, can work wonders in preventing milia by strengthening the skin under the eye, while also helping to reduce dark circles and refreshing the area around the eye.

Be sure to thoroughly cleanse the area around the eye to remove makeup and other impurities.  Noevir's Lip and Eye Makeup Remover is a gentle, non-greasy cleanser that thoroughly removes both lip and eye makeup without drying out the skin.

Finally, be sure to smooth on sunscreen daily to protect the area around your eyes. Noevir offers Raysela Face Protector with SPF 30 which is perfect for sensitive skin. Shields against harmful UVA and URB rays.

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