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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantMakeup Application Advice for Long Lasting Great Looks!

Dear Janice,
Any advice on makeup application?  I find my eye shadow fades quickly and by the end of the day my makeup looks dreary. How can I make my eye shadow last longer?

Of course!  Consider the following tips when applying makeup:

Long Lasting Eye Shadow
Eyeliner Tips
Mascara Tricks
All about Brows


Dear Janice,
My lipstick seems to disappear before I even get out the door.  Do you have any tips for keeping my lip color on my lips?

To ensure long lasting, even lip color apply all of the following tips. 

*Gently massage lips with a damp, soft washcloth or gentle, soft toothbrush for several seconds to sweep away flakes.

*Smooth on colorless lip balm. Avoid anything that feels too greasy; it will prevent the color from adhering to the lips. Wait 5 minutes before blotting excess.

*Choose a lip pencil in a shade that matches your own lip color and use the side, rather than the point, to fill in your lips. Grip the pencil close to the tip for more control.

*Scribble from the center of the mouth to just inside its natural border. Finish by blending the edges or any sharp lines with a fingertip.

*If you have trouble keeping lip color from bleeding, sweep a small brush over your lipstick bullet a few times before stroking on the color carefully. Blot with a tissue to remove excess.

*Fore more intense color, add another thin coat of lipstick and blot again.

*To keep lipstick from seeping outside of lips, trace just outside their perimeter with a sharpened concealer pencil that matches your skin, then blend it in with a cotton swab. Or rub one dipped in loose, translucent powder around the mouth's border instead.

*To avoid lipstick on teeth, gently pucker lips around your index finger and pull it back out. The excess will come off on your finger, not your teeth.


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