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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantGerms, the Gym and your Skin

Dear Janice,
What's the deal on germs, the gym and my skin? What should I do to keep my workout germ free?
Wipe down machines, mats, and benches with a paper towel, rather than your own cloth towel, since you don't want your personal terry cloth bearing someone else's sweat.  The gym's humid climate encourages bacteria growth and germs, so protect your skin by draping a towel over the equipment before you use it. Be considerate of others when you sweat. Wipe-up after yourself!

Before your workout, shower using Noevir's Tokara Sea Mineral Body Soap. This gentle liquid soap provides a luxurious bath/shower experience with its super-refined sea minerals and algae extract from the Tokara Sea - often referred to as the world's purest ocean. The rich, frothy lather cleanses the skin, leaving it clean, smooth and moisturized (soap strips away your natural oils.) If your skin is very dry or if you are heading directly home, you may want to skip the gym shower and simply pat down the sweat. If you have a problem with back acne, swipe the area with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol-free astringent such as Noevir's 99 Refreshing Balancing Lotion.

Bring along thongs.  Wearing thongs in the locker room, shower, etc., protects feet from any bacteria or fungus lurking on the floors.

Saunas with their intense dry heat, can make oily skin oilier, even encourage infection on skin that's broken out!

Bring the water!  Any extra strains on the system, such as a good workout, increase the amount of water both used and lost. A smooth healthy face is a good sign of sufficient water consumption.  Drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day minimum.

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