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Face Washing 101

Are you guilty of making these five face-washing mistakes?

Mistake 1: Not using water

Many people just moisten their hands, put cleanser on their fingers, and apply it to dry skin. All cleansers, including Noevir foaming cleansers, are designed to work with water. Water is what cleans skin and the cleanser enhances its effects. Wet face and hands. Apply a small amount of Noevir foaming cleanser to palm of hand and beat to a lather with finger tips before applying to face and neck.

Mistake 2: Scrubbing too aggressively

Superabrasive cleansing sponges, puffs, and even some washcloths can irritate your skin as well as cause broken blood vessels. The same holds true for mechanical facial scrubs made from nutshells, pits from fruits like apricots, etc. Use baby wash cloths or cotton soft facial cleansing pads and use Noevir cleansing crystals with natural enzymes and without harsh abrasives. To buff and exfoliate use Noevir's Quick Recovery Mask with Beta hydroxy acid and natural polishing beads.
Mistake 3: Rinsing too fast
The purpose of a cleanser is to bind the dirt and perspiration so that it can be removed when you rinse. If you don't rinse well, you may leave microsopic cleansing material that will clog the pores. Splash your face with tepid water 20-30 times to ensure a clean finish.
Mistake 4: Treating your face the way you'd treat your body.
I am constantly amazed at how many people use a drying body bar or liquid hand soap or even shampoo on the face! These soaps, even those that claim to be gentle enough to use on the face, contain detergents and chemicals that strip oils and aren't meant for delicate facial skin. Treat your face like a very expensive piece of cashmere and use Noevir to gently lift away oil and water-based impurities that contribute to dull, flaky and blemish-prone skin.
Mistake 5: Spending too much time washing the skin.
Cleansing more than twice a day and scrubbing aggressively is a definite no-no. Too-frequent washing can dry and irritate your skin or stimulate oil production, which can result in clogged pores and breakouts. Even if you hit the gym at midday, just rinse your skin with water, and save your cleanser for morning and night.


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