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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantBrown Sugar and Anti-Aging Skin Eye Care

Dear Janice,
What's all the buzz about brown sugar reducing the appearance of  fine lines and dark circles around the eyes?  Is it really an anti-aging breakthrough?

The August 2006 issue of GCI (Global Cosmetic Industry) Magazine announced that brown sugar could prove a key trend in the dramatic growth experts are projecting for Japan's beauty market over the next four years. The report cites research by Noevir Co. Ltd., which confirmed the anti-aging effects of natural brown sugar and its ability to boost cell renewal activity.

This is exciting news for clients in North America, where our luxurious
Perfecting Eye Cream is already a hit among those in the know. Our exclusive formula combines shea butter and selected botanicals to hydrate and energize, while patent-pending extracts of ginger and black sugar cane (a source of brown sugar) gently nourish the delicate eye area. The result is a visible reduction in fine lines and dark circles for smoother, radiant, wide-awake eyes.

Usage Tips:

Use Perfecting Eye Cream both a.m. and p.m. as the very last step of your skincare regimen.

I like to put a tiny amount on the back of the hand and warm and smooth it with the pinky finger then pat it on the bone beneath the eye and the bone above the eye. I find that tiny amount will do both eyes.

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