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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantExercise Your Way to Radiant Skin

Dear Janice,
Are there any benefits of exercise for my skin?

Yes. We all know what regular exercise does for the body, but as a bonus benefit, exercise can also improve your skin. When you work out, your body temperature and blood flow increase, creating a healthy, radiant glow. Exercise also improves your skin's elasticity and promotes new cell growth.

For radiant skin after a workout, try
SD Body Treatment Lotion with vitamin E, chamomile, jojoba oil and sage and other natural extracts to help seal in essential moisture.

Additionally, when you use our skin care lines, we encourage a nightly massage--a very light workout for your beautiful face. Nightly massaging soothes away tension as it helps boost circulation, for increased elasticity and a healthy, glowing complexion.

Now...to help you with your weight management program New BioLite & BioCleanse!

BioLite: is designed to support healthy lean body mass by boosting the body’s metabolic process. Metabolism is our body’s ability to use foods and convert them into energy in order to function properly. Gender, age and body size directly affect and determine the speed of our metabolism. However, supplementing with Noevir’s BioLite, in combination with a well-balanced diet and physical activity, is a great way to naturally enhance the body’s own metabolism! Its advanced formula helps to increase energy level by aiding the body’s natural ability to better utilize stored fat.

BioCleanse: Supporting colon health is an important factor in maintaining optimum body conditions. A variety of lifestyle habits, such as exercise, a balanced diet and adequate sleep, contribute to maintaining a healthy body. Today’s busy lifestyle, with high stress levels and unhealthy diets, however, can have a profound negative effect on our body’s elimination process. That’s why Noevir created BioCleanse—a unique supplement that helps promote a healthy digestive tract.

Noevir Spirulina with blue-green algae for those who are regularly subject to intense physical activity, consume fewer than three balanced meals a day, do not get the recommended intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, or on restricted diets.


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