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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantPrevent Dry Skin This Winter Season

Dear Janice,
Is there anything I can do to prevent my skin from drying out this winter? What type of dry skin care products do you suggest?

The answer is to start your cold-weather, dry skin care routine before the season sets in. You want to keep your skin's moisture barrier intact so that it retains every bit of hydration while protecting against frigid wind and arid indoor heat.

Before you even start to apply dry skin care products, begin by turning down the temperature of your baths and showers. Don't soak or stay under the spray for more than five minutes; hot water strips away natural oils.

After your bath or shower, be sure to seal in moisture with a rich body lotion skin care product such Herbal Body Lotion providing head to toe hydration in a non-greasy formula with Vitamin E, chamomile, jojoba oil and sage.

The skin's barrier function helps skin retain moisture and protect itself from external elements. However, biological aging, stress, UV rays and environmental pollution weaken the skin's barrier function and lessen its ability to retain moisture. This is evidenced by fine lines, dehydration, rough textured skin and heightened sensitivity. Noevir's 99 Skin Care Line has a fusion of 16 Eastern and Western herbal extracts that balance the skin's moisture level, promote skin metabolism and strengthen the barrier function of the skin. When developing the 99 Skin Care Line, Noevir's research and development team discovered two key botanicals from Northern China and Tibet. These indigenous plants survive in harsh climates in high altitudes with low oxygen levels and under extreme temperatures. Running Club Moss and Himalayan Primrose grow wild in pristine lands unspoiled by environmental pollution and free from acid rain. These patented botanical ingredients revive the skin's elasticity and suppleness by strengthening the barrier function.

Good news ...the 99 Skin Care Line protects the skin from free radicals. Parsley extract promotes skin's ability to defend itself against free radicals, caused by harmful UV rays, air pollution and day-to-day stress--to minimize premature aging.

This is the perfect dry skin care line for people with normal skin who would like to maintain a healthy, youthful-looking appearance. The gentle ingredients also makes this line ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Are your hands already severely dry &/or cracked? Try SD Hand & Body Treatment's long-lasting-moisture formula to effectively hydrate and soften dry, damaged skin, while helping protect from environmental elements. This is also a great products for dry &/or cracked skin on the elbows, knees & heels.

For everyday dry skin on the hands, use Noevir's Herbal Hand Cream. Detergents, household chemicals and sun exposure can take their toll and age your hands beyond your years. Herbal Hand Cream's non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and easily for effortless damage control. Newly formulated with Job's Tears seed extract, derived from one of the oldest ornamental grasses in cultivation, has been used for centuries in Asia to soothe inflammation. This rich, velvety cream envelops skin in intensive moisture for ultra-soft hands. Includes antioxidant Vitamin E to help protect against free radical damage. Lightly scented formula absorbs quickly to leave skin soft, smooth and protected. Allergy tested.

Finally, start using a humidifier as soon as you crank up the thermostat.

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