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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantHow to Treat Dry and Flaky Skin

Dear Janice,
What products can you recommend to treat my dry flaky skin? Do you have any tips for relieving the discomfort of flaky skin?

Summer is ending and Autumn will bring invigorating briskness that gives your cheeks a rosy look. But that same cool, crisp air causes your skin to start shedding layers, resulting in dry, flaky skin.

Dry, flaky skin occurs when the natural moisture evaporates. The most common cause is the lack of humidity in the air with the colder weather. To protect itself, your body produces oil to coat your skin's surface and trap moisture. Sometimes, the body's efforts are not enough. And, as we age, oil production naturally slows down. Certain areas, such as the back, are particularly vulnerable because they contain less active oil-producing glands. Your skin needs protection!

Placing a humidifier in your bedroom, especially if you have forced-air heat, will help keep your skin moist. Frequent bathing, however, especially in hot water, actually dehydrates your skin. Reduce your time in the shower (three minutes is adequate) and make the water temperature 85 degrees max. Both baths and showers should be tepid, not hot. When you towel off after a shower, evaporation helps dry your body. It also saps your skin of intrinsic moisture. Use a Body Lotion like Noevir's
SD Body Treatment Lotion.

Gentle exfoliation once a week during the colder months might be a good idea. When your skin gets over dry, the dead cells shed profusely, leading to surface flakiness. By using a gentle scrub or just a wet washcloth and rubbing in a gentle, circular motion, you can help remove these flakes.

Since the loss of water is what makes skin dry, moisturizing regularly will help take care of this condition. Moisturizers work either by creating a physical barrier that prevents water loss or by delivering more water to the skin's outer layer. And always apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp, immediately after getting out of the bath or shower or after washing your face.

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