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Dear Janice,
My lips look chapped and awful. What do you suggest?

If chapped lips are a problem that you have in the winter (and who doesn't), don't lick your lips! This just makes the problem worse when your saliva evaporates. It may make your chapped lips feel better temporarily; but in the long run, it makes them much, much worse. To soothe dry, chapped lips, summer or winter, slick on a lip protector. Be careful about the lip colour that you use. Matte lip colours which often lack certain moisturizing ingredients, actually tend to leave lips parched--especially in cold weather. You might even avoid using lip colour if your lips are severely chapped until they look and feel better.

Some tips? Stay away from chapped lip products that contain phenol. This is an active ingredient in many medicated lip balms. Check your labels. I found phenol in Lip Medex and others. Phenol is very drying. Once you apply the balm, the dryness gets you to reapply. You use more product, your lips stay dry and chapped; you use more product, your lips stay dry and chapped--you get the idea! Sounds like a good money making idea for the lip balm companies that use this ingredient. Again, check your ingredient listing on your products.

Another tip: To help your chapped lips heal faster, lightly use a toothbrush (make sure your toothbrush has a soft bristle and keep it light-handed) and brush your lips. It may tickle, but hey...it helps to remove the dead skin allowing your lips to heal faster. Then apply your lip conditioner.  Your lips should heal and feel much better in very little time.

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Testimonial from a Noevir Lip Conditioner user:

We got our lip conditioners. My daughter's lips have never looked better and she takes care of the conditioner because of the pretty case!! I like it because I don't feel it on my lips. It's just there - no chapping - voila! I'm going to order the lip conditioner for my husband who is always complaining about chapped lips. 

- Sheila

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