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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantCordyceps Sinensis - "The Elixir of Life"...

Dear Janice,
I have been hearing a lot about a mushroom called Cordyceps Sinensis. What’s the buzz and is it worth the cost?

Cordyceps Sinensis – The amazing truth behind the coveted ancient Chinese Elixir of Life. For centuries, this rare and exotic mushroom has been prized by the Chinese dynasties as a potent panacea to restore energy, promote longevity and improve the quality of life. Now, you can treat yourself to this extraordinary health boost!

In the second century, B.C., the first emperor of China used Cordyceps Sinensis religiously as a tonic for longevity. The legendary Chinese beauty Yang Kue-fei (719-756 A.D.) also took Cordyceps regularly, crediting the rare mushroom as her fountain of youth. Today, thousands of years later, Cordyceps Sinensis is a top seller in Japan and the U.S. What have the ancient Chinese known for centuries about this exotic mushroom that the rest of the world has just begun to discover?

For the answer, let’s look at the history of Cordyceps Sinensis. Years ago, the Yung people of the Himalayas first noticed that animals grazing on a tiny, grass-like mushroom became more energetic and agile. Even the older cattle showed signs of increased vigor. Intrigued, the herders began to harvest the mushroom and soon observed that human consumption seemed to yield the same benefits. From there, logic follows that it should have been only a matter of time before knowledge and use of this mushroom became widespread. However, this was not the case…

Cordyceps Sinensis grows wild in the Tibetan Plateau, approximately 15,000 feet above sea level. The low oxygen levels, harsh climate and inhospitable environment ensure that few life forms survive. Those that do are incredibly adaptable, having developed powerful defenses against the elements. Thus, the harsher the environment in which the mushroom is harvested, the higher the grade. While other manufacturers utilize a lower grade mushroom that is easier to harvest, it only this select, highest grade Cordyceps Sinensis that Noevir uses in our nutritional supplement.

The Sherpas who harvest this mushroom today consider it the “elixir of life” and worth “more than gold”.

In a narrow window of four weeks between May and June when it is in season, even expert foragers unearth less than 10 Cordyceps mushrooms per day. The annual harvest of the highest grade Cordyceps mushrooms worldwide is less than 660 pounds, making it one of the rarest and most precious mushrooms available. This explains why Cordyceps Sinensis, so highly regarded in traditional Chinese medicine, was long an exclusive privilege of Chinese royalty.

Modern technology has allowed Noevir chemists to improve on this remarkable ancient elixir using a unique double-extraction method to ensure the highest in potency and purity of the finished product. But the most impressive detail of all is what users of this exotic mushroom have to say about Cordyceps Sinensis. Subjects report increased energy and stamina, less fatigue and a youthful vitality. Conveniently packaged in 30 single-serve packets, Noevir Cordyceps Sinensis is a perfect daily nutritional supplement for the health-conscious, athletes, middle-aged, mature and anyone suffering from day to day stress.

Cordyceps Sinensis: A True Story Testimonial

“For a few years, I ignored the Cordyceps Sinensis in Noevir’s product line because I didn’t understand its application. But after receiving no help for my fibromyalgia despite three visits to the Mayo Clinic, I decided to research alternative treatments for my pain. An internet search yielded numerous research papers on the use of Cordyceps for related conditions. Additionally, I had long suffered a pinched nerve in my neck and thought Cordyceps might help. Sure enough, I noticed a significant improvement the first week I started using Noevir Cordyceps Sinensis – I no longer had pain radiating down my arm. With a month, I saw improvement in other joints, greater ease of movement and improved posture. Today, after three months on Cordyceps, my energy level is greatly improved, my mental clarity is enhanced, and my physical dexterity is better overall. I am free of the pain that I suffered with for so long. Needless to say, purchasing Cordyceps is now a priority!"

                                     --Mary W. Albuquerque, N.M.

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