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Dear Janice,
What can you tell me about the Chinese mushroom Cordyceps Sinensis? Is it really good for energy, vitality, immune strengthening and athletic performance?

Cordyceps sinensis was originally used exclusively by the court of the Chinese emperors for restoring energy, promoting longevity and improving the quality of life.

Ten thousand feet up on the mountain slopes of western China, native Tibetans methodically search out one of the most unique and treasured herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Cordyceps sinensis is one of the most valued and potent natural products in all of Chinese medicine. It has long been used as a tonic for longevity, endurance and vitality for both men and women. It is a very rare mushroom found in the high-attitude plateaus of China and Tibet. Cordyceps sinensis has received little attention in the Western world. However, Chinese athletes who used Cordyceps sinensis in their athletic training program surprised everyone recently when they broke numerous world records and attributed their performance in part to daily supplementation with Cordyceps.

The rare Cordyceps sinensis mushroom is small - usually less than an inch high - and the annual harvest worldwide is less than 660 lbs. There are more than 300 kinds of Cordyceps sinensis - but none compare to the Cordyceps sinensis found in Tibet. The Tibetan Plateau, which is approximately 15,000 feet above sea level, is home to some of the purest and highest-quality plants and herbs in the world. Few plants survive in this environment - with high winds and snow, intensive sunlight, extreme temperature fluctuations and low oxygen levels - but the plants that do survive, are extremely potent.

Noevir uses only the highest-quality Tibetan Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms, harvested in May and June, before the snow is completely melted. And with the help of Noevir's double-extraction technology, the final product is pure, potent and provides maximum efficacy.

Conveniently packaged in 30 single-serve doses. Recommended daily dose is one stick. Dissolve in a cup of hot water (or a glass of cold water) for a highly bio-available power drink. (Can also be taken in its powder form with a sip of water, or it may be used in place of mushroom stock when cooking.)

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