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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantTips to Prevent a Cold

Dear Janice,
Every year it happens--it seems like I'm sick all winter! Do you have any suggestions on preventing a cold?

Every 32 seconds someone in the U.S. catches a cold. That means the highly contagious virus is literally everywhere--from doorknobs and handles on the toilet to elevator buttons and don't forget the handle on your shopping cart, where it can live for hours. Here are a few effective suggestions to prevent a winter cold:

Gargle with Water. A recent Japanese study found that people who gargled with water three times a day had 36 percent fewer colds than those who didn't gargle at all and had fewer colds than those who used an antiseptic mouth rinse. Gargling can help remove mucus that drains from your sinuses down to your throat. It also helps moisturize the cells that line the back of your throat that tend to dry out in the winter, making them less effective in preventing viruses from entering your respiratory tract. Gargle with water before brushing your teeth in the morning, after you eat lunch and at night.

Use Your Own Pen. At stores, restaurants, the gym, post office and the doctor's office, pull out your own ballpoint to sign credit clips and check-in sheets. During the flu season, pens are passed to dozens of people each day, so that they are a superb carrier of cold viruses. When you handle them, you can transmit the virus to your fingers, and when you touch your face, eyes or nose, it goes directly into your mucosal tissues.

Get Off the Couch and Get Moving. A study found that people who were the most physically active daily, whether through sports, exercise or chores such as shoveling snow, were 20 percent to 30 percent less likely to develop colds.

Drink Hot Tea. Sipping tea may boost your body's defenses against infection. Researchers discovered that the blood cells in tea drinkers' immune systems responded five times more efficiently to germs than the blood cells of coffee drinkers. That's because tea contains a potent class of chemicals which may spur your system to fight viruses.

While You're At It... Use a disinfecting wipe on the bottom on your handbag. Think where you've put it (airport bathroom floors and other less-than-clean floors and tables). And remember to wash your hands thoroughly!

Take Noevir
Inner Care Premium Nutritionals and Agaricus XP. Flu weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to colds. Our nutritionals are safe and effective and suitable for vegetarians. Only the best Agaricus Blazei Murill mushrooms are selected to produce our highly bioavilable supplement, renowned for its benefits to the immune system.

Testimonial from an Agaricus XP user:

My family and I are thoroughly impressed with Agaricus. My dad fell flat on his face two days ago with a sudden onset of the flu. Could barely lift his arms he was so exhausted (plus stressed out), with a high fever, burning eyes, I was so worried I even called the paramedics (his vitals were fine, so they left). I gave him everything under the sun, supplements, etc. He was better with all of that. But the clincher was when I gave him two sticks of Agaricus in warm water last night (24 hours after onset). Before even finishing his cup, he started sweating (the fever broke) and was sprightly up and about, eyes sparkling and excited that he felt so good so quickly. He also slept like a baby last night (instead of his usual anxiety-filled insomnia - again, stress). SOOO, I want to promote Agaricus because it's worth every penny and more!

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