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Dear Janice,
Any additional tips you can give me about taking care of my face?

Removing makeup could dirty your face if hands are unwashed. Most facial cleansers are too gentle to tackle all the bacteria fingers and palms pick up. Be sure to suds up hands with soap, rinse hands, and then proceed with cleaning your complexion.

Brushing your teeth may trigger an eruption of little red pimple-like bumps around your mouth because of irritating ingredients such as perioxide in whitening toothpastes. After you finish brushing, thoroughly rinse the area around your mouth.

Working in the garden can cause spotchy skin. Gardening leaves allergens on your hands, which will easily end up on your face. Anybody can be allergic to anything. Play it safe while watering, planting, weeding and pruning by wearing gloves and by washing with soap afterward.

Talking on your cell phone could result in chin pimples. Cell phones attract more grime than landlines because we put them in germy places like gym bags, pockets, purses, etc. Wipe yours down daily with an alcohol-based cleanser to keep your face clear.


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