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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantStop Wrinkles with an Intenstive Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Dear Janice,
I am hearing more and more about a new leave on masque?  Is this better than a typical anti-wrinkle cream?

Yes! On March 26, 2004, a brief article published by Japan's Corporate News Network delivered a truly remarkable announcement about it's latest anti-wrinkle defense, an ultra rich moisturizing masque. Revealing the findings of a landmark scientific study, it disclosed the unique ability of thelypteris interrupta (interrupted fern) leaf extract to successfully hydrate, accelerate skin renewal and counter the effects of ultra-violet radiation in voluntary test subjects. The beauty innovator responsible for this discovery went on to develop the first cosmeceutical product of its kind ever launched in the North American marketplace. The company was Noevir.

Noevir calls this breakthrough formula Circu Night DN-Aqua, but you might just call it a miracle.

Circu Night DN-Aqua utilizes a unique strain of thelypteris interrupta fern, grown exclusively on Minami Diato Island where the intense sunlight results in unusually high levels of ultraviolet exposure. As a natural defense mechanism, the fern develops an increased resistance to harmful free radicals and the dehydrating effects of the sun. Noevir's researchers have discovered a way to harness these benefits in a patented extract that actively enhances skin repair, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing skin, as you sleep.

Precious sea salt is specially extracted from the East China Sea, purified, concentrated and reduced to a fine powder in a patented process. Applied topically, the ultra-refined sea minerals provide rich hydration and superior moisture retentive properties.  As a result of these plump moisture-rich skin cells, wrinkles seem to disappear!

Selected for its soothing aromachology benefits, the hypnotic fragrance of Neroli (Orange Blossom) essential oil completes the third key element of this extraordinary bedtime treatment masque. The objective is a deeper, more restful sleep that occurs only in a profoundly relaxed state of being. A body achieving this rare state naturally accelerates the production of human growth hormones that help regain its youthful radiance. Try it and you'll be sold, definitely better than any of the anti-wrinkle creams on the market.

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