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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantBlackheads, Ingrown Hairs & Pimples... Oh My!

Dear Janice,

What's the difference between blackheads and pimples? And just what are these bumps on my skin?

Those pesky little bumps and blemishes could be a number of things. Here are some eruptions that can appear on your face and body:

Blackheads occur when pores, the minute openings in the skin's surface, become obstructed with a combination of dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Blackheads are non-inflammatory (meaning they don't have the infection and redness that accompanies a pimple) and are usually concentrated in the oily T-zone, especially on and around the nose. Regular use of an exfoliant, either physical (e.g., a gentle massage) or chemical (e.g., a face wash with salicylic acid - Noevir's Clean Wash) can help to get rid of a moderate blackhead problem. A dermatologist can also help with treatments for more persistent problems.

Pustules (Pimples)
Pustules are ordinary pimples and occur where the body has high concentrations of oil glands such as the face, chest and back. They result when oil, dead skin cells and bacteria trapped in the hair follicle cause it to swell and eventually burst. When one bursts, the infection spreads into the surrounding tissue, causing the redness and swelling that are the hallmarks of a pimple. Products with salicylic acid can help clear up pustules and pimples. Try Noevir's Clear Control Line as an effective means to control breakouts & prevent pimples. Your dermatologist can treat severe and painful pustules or pimples.

Ingrown Hairs
Ingrown hairs are those that have curled over and re-penetrated the skin, causing the area to become inflamed and sometimes painful. Ingrown hairs most commonly occur in areas where the hair is removed frequently, such as the legs, and are especially persistent in the bikini area, where hair is coarser and curlier. Regular exfoliation can help prevent ingrown hairs. Try Noevir Quick Recovery Mask and Cleansing Crystals regularly as the best defense.

Testimonial from a Clear Control Line user:

I am using the CLEAR line of Noevir which has worked very well on my skin this summer, when I am more prone to breakouts.  What happens now is that I have two types of each product, so that on any given day, "depending" :-) on my skin's needs, I can choose either from the CLEAR line or the 99 line (this one seemed to work better during the cooler months).  I use the recovery mask with much success.

On the whole, I am able to do my "switch strategy" (between product lines) which is critical for managing my allergy-induced breakouts. This switching strategy between the Noevir lines has helped greatly keep my skin looking great no matter the circumstances.  I feel that both are effective AND safe for sensitive skin. I know there are a lot of women out there with problems like mine....allergy-triggered rashes....and it takes more than just going to a dermatologist.  In the final analysis, it's how one understands one's skin and maintains it that counts.  I'm not saying that one shouldn't see a dermatologist, but indeed with Noevir the maintenance is so much, much easier, the need to seek an appointment doesn't become urgent.  And believe me, with allergy-triggers, you never know when the next one is gonna hit....

I am happy, so totally happy with Noevir!

- Maria


Dear Janice,

Why do I only have blackheads on my nose? More importantly, how do I get rid of the blackheads?

Blackheads are typically found on areas of the skin with numerous oil (sebum) glands, such as the nose, forehead and chin (but not always). They occur whenever they are found when a pore gets clogged with debris--usually dead skin cells and oil, although residue from heavy skin creams and makeup may also contribute. This debris hardens to form a block, or plug, under which sebum accumulates. Some people are predisposed to blackheads because their dead skin cells do not shed properly, which generally occurs about every 28 days.

Proper cleansing via exfoliation is the first step to clearing up blackheads, but don't scrub too frequently (no more than twice a day). Harsh scrubbing can strip the skin of the moisture it needs, causing the oil glands to produce even more oil.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to extract blackheads yourself. Squeezing pores can force bacteria backward into the skin and cause cysts to form. Squeezing too hard can also cause capillaries to rupture, leaving evidence of broken blood vessels on your face.

Using Noevir will go a long way to keeping your face radiant and beautiful. Noevir's skincare products are very gentle and safe to use on the entire facial skin, including the eye area. Each step of our regimen has a specific, beneficial purpose to the skin and is created to work in harmony with our skin's natural moisturizing ability, thereby eliminating blackheads altogether.


Dear Janice,

Why do I still have blackheads even though I wash my face three times a day? How can I get rid of them?

Although blackheads may look like dirt spots, they are actually pores filled with oil deposits and dead skin cells. Because blackheads actually occur below the skin's surface, no amount of scrubbing your face will get rid of the blackheads. If you have got just a few here and there, try the Noevir Herbal Skincare Line as an effective blackhead treatment.  The line contains Mytilus Glycogen to revitalize the skin. As well, the Noevir Herbal Skincare line also contains Linden and Sage extracts to smooth, soften and exfoliate dead skin cells to minimize future buildup and helps to reveal healthy, glowing skin.

Exfoliation is a vital step in a regular skincare routine to prevent blackheads  and thoroughly remove excess oil or particles trapped within the skin's epidermis. To exfoliate the skin and prevent future blackhead breakouts, try Noevir's
Cleansing Crystals 2-3 times a week in place of your facial-cleanser/foaming-cleanser. These nonabrasive cleansing crystals contain various enzymes to digest protein and dissolve excess oil to leave your skin looking radiant. This product is also superb for the treatment of existing blackheads.

Regular masking is also important to rid yourself of blackheads as it removes dead skin cells and imbedded impurities that accumulate on the skin. If not removed regularly, these accumulations will prevent newer, brighter cells from surfacing and cause your skin to look dull and uneven. It can also clog pores, leading to blackheads and whiteheads. To help your skin look its best and maintain a healthy glow, it is therefore important to mask two to three times per week. Try Noevir's Hydrating Peel-Off Masque if your skin is normal-to-dry, or the deep cleansing Clay Masque if you have normal-to-oily skin.

If you have got a deeper blackhead problem, and your blackheads are too firmly embedded to be opened up by topically applied products, see your dermatologist.

Remember: Wash your face only twice a day; excessive cleansing can strip skin of its natural oils, triggering more oil production and more blackheads.

Testimonial from a Hydrating Peel-Off Masque user:

I used the Peel Off Masque last night.  My skin was lighter and brighter after just one use. I LOVE this product!!!! 

- Joyce G.



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