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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantAthlete's Foot and Other Workout Woes

Dear Janice,
I go to a gym regularly and have gotten athlete's foot... what to do?

The gym – great for your health but a visit to those sweat-laden locker rooms can wreak havoc on your personal hygiene.

Here are some solutions to the most common workout woes:

Athlete's foot - Never go barefoot in a public locker room. Instead, wear a pair of flip-flops. Fungus thrives in wet areas but can be present and possibly worse in carpets.

The treatment: Be diligent about washing feet and drying thoroughly - especially in between the toes.

Greasy hair - Increased sweating during and after exercise can cause hair to get oily or dirty because sweat transfers from the scalp to the hair strands. Ultimately, this can lead to dreaded bad hair days, and worse; dandruff.

The treatment: Wash hair with a mild shampoo like Noevir's Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo. And remember to avoid any hair-care products that irritate your scalp or make it oilier.

Hairline breakouts - When you sweat during a workout, hair products can transfer to skin - which is why it's best to avoid wearing styling products during an intense workout.

The treatment: Use a cleanser with glycolic acid in problems areas (try Noevir’s Clear Control Line). And regularly wash baseball caps, sweatbands or anything else you use to pull your hair back from your face.

Sore muscles - Soaking those tired legs and feet in a warm blend of soothing herbs will provide instant relief. Try Noevir Herbal Bath Salts with chamomile, citrus and other botanicals.

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