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Janice Markley - Independent Noevir ConsultantAnti-Aging Skin Care: Best Choices to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Dear Janice,
Why am I getting wrinkles?  What do you recommend in the way of anti-aging skin care and treatment?

The following factors are the most significant causes of wrinkles:

Wrinkles are a by-product of the aging process. With age, skin cells divide more slowly, and the inner layer, called the dermis, begins to thin. The network of elastin (the protein which causes skin to stretch) and collagen fibers (the major structural proteins in the skin), which support the outer layer, loosen and unravel, causing depressions on the surface. With aging, skin also loses its elasticity, is less able to retain moisture, oil-secreting glands are less efficient and the skin is slower to heal. All of these contribute to the development of wrinkles.

Facial Muscle Contractions
Lines between the eyebrows (frown lines) and lines jutting from the corner of the eyes (crows feet) are believed to develop because of small muscle contractions. Smiling, frowning, squinting and other habitual facial expressions cause these wrinkles to become more prominent. Over time, the expressions coupled with gravity contribute to the formation of jowls and drooping eyelids.

Sun Damage
Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (too much sun) can result in premature aging of the skin. Premature aging of the skin is called photoaging. The ultraviolet sunrays that cause photoaging damage collagen fibres and cause the excessive production of abnormal elastin. when ultraviolet light damages skin tissue, an enzyme called metalloproteinase is produced. This enzyme creates and reforms collagen. During the process, however, some healthy collagen fibres are damaged, resulting in a disorganized formation of fibres called salar scars. Wrinkles develop when the rebuilding process occurs over and over.

Healthy skin perpetually regenerates. While old collagen is broken down and removed, new collagen is produced. Researchers have found that smoke causes a marked reduction in the production of new collagen. A lack of new collagen results in the development of wrinkles.

What does Noevir offer for anti-wrinkle treatment?
Noevir has specially selected anti-aging skin care products with specially selected ingredients to help rejuvenate skin and prevent further age-related negative effects while providing the skin its essential nutrients to keep turnover and recovery level at optimal level.

EXTRA Skincare Line
The EXTRA Skincare Line offers the ultimate cleansing and massaging steps to help your skin achieve a healthy glow.

505 Line Set
Chronological age isn't important - it's how you look and feel. 505 skincare gives you the power to help stop the progression of time in its tracks with a unique treasure chest of herbal extracts and innovative formulas designed to increase moisture and restore elasticity. Also acts as an excellent preventative anti-aging measure for counteracting visible aging before it appears.

NEW! Revitalizer Excharge
Revitalizer NT is proven to gently erase the appearance of expression lines and deep wrinkles, and helps reinforce skin for smoother and supple appearance. It is specially formulated with active ingredients to address lines and wrinkles--crow's feet, crease, and laugh lines caused by natural aging and repeated facial movements. This high performing beauty treatment is a result of an extensive research and a great alternative for those who are considering extreme measures.

While some of the harmful effects of environmental damage are visible right away, such as a suntan or sunburn, others appear overtime and worsen as we age, such as age spots and wrinkles. Skin thatis repeatedly being exposed to environmental factors, at high levels, can even progress into more serious problems. Revitalizer Excharge contains a powerful combination of botanicals, like Star Pine extracts, to correct signs of aging. This evergreen plant grows on the Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean. Throughout history, people have used the extracts to address various ailments and to promote well-being. Its needle-like leaves is an excellent source of potent antioxidants, which helps fight future skin damage.

Testimonial from a 505 Skincare/EXTRA Skincare user:

I have often wondered what my skin looked like before Noevir. (I have been using Noevir 7 years.) I had my chance to find out the hard way after spending a week in the hospital!   When I was sick, it was all I could do to brush my teeth daily.  I just didn't have the strength to do my skincare regimen.  When I got home from the hospital, the first thing I did was head for the bathroom and my Extra/505 line.  I was shocked when I looked in the mirror!  My face was flaky. My face was a trifle broke out.  Pores were clogged. Eczema was back.  What a mess!  I used my skin regimen and rinsed the infamous 20 times.  My face looked better.  In the a.m., I repeated the process.  My face was coming back to balance.

You do not want to learn the hard way what your skin could look like without Noevir.  It is the best anti-aging product offered on the market and we are extremely lucky to be associated with such a quality product and such an ethical company. 

-Judy, Fl.

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