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Dear Janice,
Why do I only have blackheads on my nose? More importantly, how do I get rid of the blackheads?

Blackheads are typically found on areas of the skin with numerous oil (sebum) glands, such as the nose, forehead and chin (but not always). They occur whenever they are found when a pore gets clogged with debris--usually dead skin cells and oil, although residue from heavy skin creams and makeup may also contribute. This debris hardens to form a block, or plug, under which sebum accumulates. Some people are predisposed to blackheads because their dead skin cells do not shed properly, which generally occurs about every 28 days.

Proper cleansing via exfoliation is the first step to clearing up blackheads, but don't scrub too frequently (no more than twice a day). Harsh scrubbing can strip the skin of the moisture it needs, causing the oil glands to produce even more oil.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to extract blackheads yourself. Squeezing pores can force bacteria backward into the skin and cause cysts to form. Squeezing too hard can also cause capillaries to rupture, leaving evidence of broken blood vessels on your face.

Using Noevir will go a long way to keeping your face radiant and beautiful. Noevir's skincare products are very gentle and safe to use on the entire facial skin, including the eye area. Each step of our regimen has a specific, beneficial purpose to the skin and is created to work in harmony with our skin's natural moisturizing ability, thereby eliminating blackheads altogether.

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