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 Anti-Aging Skin Care Products from Noevir

Men's Anti-Aging Skin Care: Face Aging Like A Man

Time to face the facts. No one is immune to the inevitable signs of aging - not even men.

Time has a way of catching up with everyone, and eventually preventative measures will have to be taken to prevent the effects of aging. In addition to the daily use of sunscreen, an anti-aging skincare regimen like Noevir's 808 Men's Line can be a man's best defence in warding off dreaded "character lines."

808 Men's Line

Quick, simple, effective three-step anti-aging skin care line formulated especially for men's skin.

Step 1: Cleansing foam

The gentle cleansing action effectively removes water-based impurities along with various air pollutants without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Glycerin provides a smooth base for close comfort shaving to help prevent skin irritation from dragging or pulling on sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling super clean and provides a soothing base for close shaving comfort.

Step 2: After Shave

After cleansing and especially shaving, it is very important to use the 808 After Shave Lotion to prevent any type of skin irritation. Skin is also very vulnerable after shaving and requires a gentle antiseptic to prevent bacterial infection. Soothes the skin with aloe and leaves it feeling cool and refreshed.

Step 3: Skin Milk

Noevir’s 4 natural bases provide skin with it’s natural moisturizer to help prevent the formation of wrinkles to promote healthy looking skin with a smooth appearance and texture. This anti-aging formula has the healing capabilities of aloe extract combined with the moisturizing and soothing properties of horse chestnut, fennel, and carrot extract work synergistically to replenish the skin with essential moisture. A light, yet effective moisturizer formulated especially for men.

Men's Favorite Skin Care Products

Clay Masque

Deep pore-cleansing mask helps absorb excess oil and draw impurities out of skin. Highly effective, natural ingredients keep skin looking supple. Dries and is ready to be rinsed off in less than five minutes.

Cleansing Crystals

Noevir's powder crystals, mixed with water, create a non-abrasive enzyme lather that dissolves oil and sweeps away dead skin cells. Leaves your skin refreshed and super clean - without drying. 

Testimonial from an 808 user:

I have been using Noevir's 808 Line and have definitely seen an improvement in the condition of my dry skin.  I use an electric shaver and it can be just as irritating as a straight razor blade because I press so hard to get a close shave and use the lotion to soothe the skin after shaving.

Also I recently started acupuncture treatments for simple stress and muscle stiffness and I use the Skin Milk when I get home and after showering and it helps soothe any small red spots from the very fine sterile needles used by my licensed acupuncturist.

Thanks again for introducing me to your product line, and when the bottles are empty, you will be receiving a reorder for sure.

- Robert, TX

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