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 Anti-Aging Skin Care Products from Noevir

Much More than just a Business Opportunity!

Here I am enjoying my 10th free trip to Shiga, Japan as a reward for the hard work that I put in selling this fantastic skin care product. This $8000 trip, for both me & my husband, was completely FREE! Every Spring, a group of qualified consultants are treated to a life-changing experience they won’t soon forget—a visit to the home of Noevir, Japan! Noevir’s Japan Leadership Training is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that includes a visit to
Noevir’s state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities in Shiga, a tour of Noevir’s headquarters in Kobe and sightseeing in Kyoto, one of the world’s most culturally rich cities. Anyone who’s ever participated in this event will tell you that there’s no comparison—the Japan Leadership Training is the most rewarding trip they’ve ever made!

Here I am spending some free time shopping during the beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) season thanks to Noevir! Our annual trip to Japan is the ultimate Noevir experience, it’s simply a “must-attend” trip! There is so much to see and experience during this 7-day trip, so start building your business today! Your consistent efforts over the next six months could earn you a FREE trip to Noevir’s homeland of Japan next April!

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Start Your Own Business and Work From Home

How many times have you dreamed of starting your own business and working from home? Many people have discarded their dreams thinking it is too risky, or too expensive.

The Noevir Business provides you with the opportunity to start your own business without the risks, allows you to work at your own pace, and to follow your dreams.  Watch this informative video on the Noevir Skin Care Philosophy and learn more about this great company.

All for the super-low startup cost of just $25 US ($28 Canada)

Personal Support Every Step of the Way

Noevir U.S.A., Inc., is a direct sales company, with a network marketing program selling skincare, cosmetics and nutritional products to the consumer through Independent Consultants.

You too can enjoy the many benefits of working from home, at your own pace, selling Noevir's quality products with Janice at your side every step of the way. This incredible network marketing opportunity is a welcome tradition to the traditional working world. With your own Noevir business, you have the perfect opportunity to improve your lifestyle exactly as it suits you.

By sharing the products and the opportunity with others, our consultants are not only able to establish their own successful business, they also earn well-deserved recognition and lucrative rewards along the way—including fully-paid domestic and international trips.

Our friends at the Direct Selling Education Foundation released this great video that gives an introduction to what direct selling is all about. We would love to share the Noevir Opportunity with you. If you are interested in starting your own independent business today, contact us and we will help you get started!

Noevir Skincare Training: Hand Demo - 6:06
Take a peek at one of the many ways Noevir will help to support your learning with this step-by-step training video that takes you through how to do a Hand Demo.

Unlike many network marketing programs, consultants can sponsor within the United States, its territories and Canada, without territorial restrictions.

Noevir has also teamed up with Pro Insurance Managers to offer the lowest rates for health, life, dental & vision coverage to Noevir consultants.  Their plans are exclusively endorsed by the Direct Selling Association.

Janice Markley is dedicated to the service and education of her Noevir customers and consultants. Contact Janice today to begin your new career today. Call 1-417-743-2458 or email Janice@Noevirmo.com!

Janice's Success with Noevir

"I am now making more money per month with Noevir than I did when I traded in my life for money with AT&T...I am very happy owning my life and making the money that I make in the time that I give to make it...

Even if social security is privatized and I lose it somehow or another, even if AT&T is able to get their corporate hands on my retirement, I will still make more money monthly with Noevir than I ever made hating Mondays and being gone days on end travelling with AT&T. This is a fact and I definitely think that, even in this time of economic uncertainty, "this is a great time to do a Noevir business"....

We have an outstanding product that can be relied on. We have an ethical company who truly helps the field and doesn't sabotage. Even if people go for the cheap stuff for a time, I generally find they come back to Noevir because in the end, quality and drop dead gorgeous skin is important because value for money spent always wins out!

Contact me by phone or email and I'll coach you to a having an exit strategy that is independent of what happens with your 401K or retirement package or stock investment....I am your personal coach and beauty consultant--use me!"

Compensation Plan

Maximize your opportunities for success with these great opportunities:

Business Retail Profit
A minimal investment of $25 US/ $28 CAN provides you with a Noevir Consultant Business Kit which contains all the tools you need to get started in your new business. Noevir's Retail Direct Program, allows your retail clients to place their orders directly with the company and pay with a credit card. We will process your retail profit check (less a handling fee of 5%) and mail it to you! All you have to do to earn 30% profit on your Noevir sales is share this wonderful product with others.

And, purchase only $1.00 worth of products during the year and your consultant status remains active for next year.  Repaying of the $25 US/ $28 Canada consultant fee is not required if the minimum purchase of $1.00 is met. 

Unit Volume Bonuses
In addition to your retail profit, you may also be promoted to higher levels of leadership and qualify monthly for bonuses of 12% to 15% based on your total amount of Unit Retail Volume per month. And of course, the higher your sales volume, the more you can earn!

Leadership Bonuses
Continue climbing Noevir's Stairway to Success and earn bonuses of 2% to 10%. As you lead and train others in your organization to become Unit Directors and above, you begin to earn bonuses of up to 10% on up to six generations of qualified directors.

When you join Noevir, you'll enjoy the opportunity to reach your financial dreams through these exciting programs. As a Noevir consultant, you may also earn other benefits as well, such as recognition, gifts, and travel. Noevir is so much more than just great products and a fabulous compensation plan – Noevir is a lifestyle!

I'm happy to provide as much or as little support as you like, every step of the way!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or problems that you might have.  I'm happy to help you with your successful business.

Call 1-417-743-2458 or email Janice@Noevirmo.com!

Ideal Candidates for MLM/Network Marketing

If you fit any of the following descriptions, you may be an ideal candidate this great network marketing opportunity:

Reward is

Noevir's Commitment to Network Marketing

"Your success is our business."

Based upon this single creed, Noevir offers you an innovative network marketing program with the finest natural skincare, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements, all backed by an established international company. Noevir's direct sales program lets you earn unlimited income without having to sacrifice time with your family since you work from home. You'll find that your work is more than just business or a paycheck. It's a passion and a lifestyle enriching lives, developing your team and enhancing your income.

Noevir began with Hiroshi Okura in 1978 and his dream of creating the highest quality personal care products and making these products available to people around the globe. Mr. Okura has realized his dream, and Noevir now has loyal customers in Asia, Europe, and North America. A million of these customers have also formed a valuable partnership with Noevir, through their network marketing program, as Independent Consultants. With innovative products and outstanding support services, the Noevir family continues to grow around the world. Noevir is committed to creating strong relationships with consumers and providing Consultants with the tools necessary for success. Now and always, Noevir supports your dreams.

Learn More About Noevir's Direct Sales Program

Are you interested in learning more about this incredible network marketing opportunity? Check out the following resources on Noevir's direct sales program, sign up here, or contact me for more information!

Top Ten Benefits of Owning your Own Noevir Business!!

Become a Noevir Independant Consultant today!

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"Janice is wired for success. Her ability to strategically think for each business partner gives her downline an edge over other groups. Her past success in the corporate world intertwined with her knowledge of the Noevir's business plan and product is what most customers and representatives desire. Her passion to serve the clients is why she has attained the levels of honor at Noevir. This is why I personally have signed up again under Janice to ensure I'm getting the best products for myself and family. I know Janice will educate me on new products and notify me when special offers will benefit my pocket book. How fortunate for Noevir she is committed to their company, to her business partners and customers. Janice is a "guaranteed success"."

- Julie Higgins

Starting your own business:

Janice Markley is creating a series of instructional videos to help you start your own home based business with Noevir Check out the series here!

Part 1: Building a Safety Net with the Business of Noevir

Part 2: Building a Home Based Business

Part 3: Getting Started as a Noevir Independent Consultant