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Customer Testimonials

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General Testimonials
"I received a sample of "Oil of Olay" in the mail in the month of April, 2006. I used it, and the first couple days, it felt good, so I went and bought 3 of the "Oil of Olay Regenerist" full size products. Within 5 days of using "it", my face started itching, and when I touched my skin, it started a painful burning. I looked closely in the mirror, and I had a horrible rash, clear bumps and they were turning red. I panicked and called my dermatologist, told the receptionist what I was using, and she said "can you come in now?" I ended up getting a shot in the rear-end (boy did that burn too) and some icky feeling cream for my face and was diagnosed with "Contact Dermatitis", meaning I had a severe allergy to a topical treatment I had used.
I learned a lesson, to the tune of $82.00 for the dermatologist, pain on my face, and the other end too. I threw the Oily of Olay product in the trash and asked my dermatologist when I could start my regular skin care regime of Noevir.  I had to wait 5 to 7 days! That was the hardest wait! I really wanted to use my Noevir. I will never try another product that is not Noevir, and I do "love the skin I am in", and it is Noevir that has helped me achieve that!  Thank You Noevir!"  

"I wanted you to know that I received the product yesterday (quick!!). I used it last night and followed your instructions on rinsing. My face is already doing better. The bumps are almost gone!! Yesterday, before I used it, the bumps on my forehead were red and swollen and it gave me a headache all day. Just using this once and the bumps are almost gone and they don't hurt at all.

These products are awesome. My face actually feels clean and when I put on the Balancing Lotion with a pad, the pad was actually clean after I used it-- that is incredible! Today I told the girl that I got the Arbonne from that I can't use that product anymore because of my sensitivity to it. There are other reasons, but no need to be cruel. She was not happy, but understood.

This looks like the beginning a beautiful relationship and I can't wait to order some other things."


"Life just stays too busy! I do swear that these vitamins make a difference. Everyone in my office got that horrible respiratory flu this year except for me. I have no time to get sick! These vitamins do the trick."


"I want to share an experience I had which makes me a firm believer in Noevir products. I was traveling for a business meeting and my luggage was lost. I didn't have anything - including my Noevir skin care products. Due to scheduling, I had to shop at Wal-Mart! They were the only store open. Out of desperation, I purchased Oil of Olay cleanser. I washed my face with it and it was awful! I washed my face again with soap to get the Olay cleaner off because it felt so heavy. I spent my entire trip without my Noevir cleanser and moisturizer - not fun. I love my Noevir skin care products and how they make my skin feel."

Cheryl Y., AZ

"Did I ever tell you the story of when i switched back to Noevir (this past summer)? Just out of curiosity, I used all Noevir products on one side of my face, and some other skin stuff (which I thought was doing pretty well in taking care of my skin) on the other. In just a week, the Noevir side was doing much better. Even my husband and friends said the Noevir side didn't look as tight and dry, had a much nicer feel, and even the color was pinker and "healthier". Thanx again for getting me back on track!"

"I received my skincare samples Friday afternoon.  I wanted to try them before letting you know.  So far, I've used to Noevir 505 Hydrating Emulsion and the Perfecting Cream.  The results were immediate.  I was shocked Janice!  It took years off my face and made me look like I was 24 years old!  Even my husband noticed.  the samples you sent are of a very generous size and a nice variety.  It will allow me time to see how my skin reacts to something new. The catalog is also very helpful and I'm confident I will probably be ordering from you in the future.  Thank you so very much for your kindness."

Jeanne, Ca

"Hi, Janice, Just wanted to share with you that I received the nicest compliment about my skin today. I had a meeting this morning and afterwards my friend left me a message about how "pretty" my skin looked, so "smooth, hydrated and glowing." Wow. I felt awesome and knew you would appreciate the huge compliment that is to Noevir! I received a similar compliment not too long ago and have honestly never before felt that my skin was something people would notice as a positive trait!"


"Janice is wired for success. Her ability to strategically think for each business partner gives her downline an edge over other groups. Her past success in the corporate world intertwined with her knowledge of the Noevir's business plan and product is what most customers and representatives desire. Her passion to serve the clients is why she has attained the levels of honor at Noevir. This is why I personally have signed up again under Janice to ensure I'm getting the best products for myself and family. I know Janice will educate me on new products and notify me when special offers will benefit my pocket book. How fortunate for Noevir she is committed to their company, to her business partners and customers. Janice is a "guaranteed success"."

—Julie Higgins


Testimonial from an Advanced Moisture Concentrate EX user:
AMC ExI ordered the Advanced Moisture Concentrate Ex.  I think EVERYONE should have this product.  My skin was feeling dehydrated and this product gave it the drink of water that it so sorely needed.  Amazing product!  When I fell and got a rug burn, I put this product on the burn and it healed really fast with no scar.  I bet it would be great for bikini waxing or lip or brow waxing.
“I have been using the AMC EX for over 15 years. It is one of my favorite products. As an Esthetician, I do acne treatment and microdermabrasion. The AMC is phenomenal for hydrating and healing the skin. I use it on my clients after the microdermabrasion and I put the Clay Masque over it to hydrate and take away the redness, same with the acne treatments. It is not oily. It makes your skin soft, smooth and keeps the moisture in. I also add a couple of drops to my body lotion and moisturizer. It does miracle on my elbows and heels. Everybody should have the AMC EX. It does last a long time. Thank you, Noevir, for the best serum I have ever used in my life.”


“After using AMC EX for a couple of months, I decided to see what would happen to my skin if I just cleansed it and did not apply anything to it for two days. After cleansing my skin the second night, it still felt soft, smooth and moist. I never experienced a tight or dry feeling.”


“Advanced Moisture Concentrate EX is one of the best products for fine lines, dry skin, etc. So many of my customers have told me it's the only product that puffs up fine lines immediately. It is gentle for sensitive skin, and it only takes a few drops! I have had loyal users of Advanced Moisture Concentrate for 20 years!!! Thank you, Noevir, for this fabulous product!”


Testimonial from a Clear Control Line user:

Clear LineI am using the CLEAR line of Noevir which has worked very well on my skin this summer, when I am more prone to breakouts.  What happens now is that I have two types of each product, so that on any given day, "depending" :-) on my skin's needs, I can choose either from the CLEAR line or the 99 line (this one seemed to work better during the cooler months).  I use the recovery mask with much success.

On the whole, I am able to do my "switch strategy" (between product lines) which is critical for managing my allergy-induced breakouts. This switching strategy between the Noevir lines has helped greatly keep my skin looking great no matter the circumstances.  I feel that both are effective AND safe for sensitive skin. I know there are a lot of women out there with problems like mine....allergy-triggered rashes....and it takes more than just going to a dermatologist.  In the final analysis, it's how one understands one's skin and maintains it that counts.  I'm not saying that one shouldn't see a dermatologist, but indeed with Noevir the maintenance is so much, much easier, the need to seek an appointment doesn't become urgent.  And believe me, with allergy-triggers, you never know when the next one is gonna hit....

I am happy, so totally happy with Noevir!

- Maria

Testimonial from a Noevir Lip Conditioner user:
Lip ConditionerWe got our lip conditioners. My daughter's lips have never looked better and she takes care of the conditioner because of the pretty case!! I like it because I don't feel it on my lips. It's just there - no chapping - voila! I'm going to order the lip conditioner for my husband who is always complaining about chapped lips. 

Testimonial from a Hydrating Peel-Off Masque user:
Peel-Off MaskI used the Peel Off Masque last night.  My skin was lighter and brighter after just one use. I LOVE this product!!!! 
—Joyce G.

I couldn't wait to send in my testimonial on the Hydrating Peel-Off Masque, because I love this product! This is a great mask for rosacea and sensitive skin. I have to be careful of what I use around the sides of my nose and mouth area, because I have issues with redness and small bumps, but this mask is truly a wonderful hydrating experience for my skin. It exfoliates gently and leaves my skin glowing after each treatment. I know what my results will be with this great product, so I always look forward to using the Hydrating Peel-Off Masque. It is one Noevir product I can't do without!

—Mary Lou F.

“The first time I experienced the Hydrating Peel-Off Mask, I was in my mid-20s. My mother, consultant Debra Cook, had given me the product to try two or three years earlier, but it ended up just sitting in my product drawer. One day I looked in the mirror and realized how large my pores were. I quickly rummaged through the drawer in search of a product when I spotted the Hydrating Peel-Off Masque and decided to give it a try. About five minutes later, I realized my skin was feeling tighter. I thought, ‘Wow, this is interesting!’ Then about 10 minutes later, I began to peel the masque off, and with every inch, I was amazed at what I was seeing. My large pores were not only looking smaller, they were almost gone! I ran to the phone and called my mother. She answered and I immediately said, ‘You never told me it would make my pores look smaller! Why didn't you tell my two years ago?’ Needless to say, the Hydrating Peel-Off Masque is now part of my weekly routine and my mother and I always tell people about the ‘Hydrating Peel-Off Masque pore shrinker.’”

—Victoria M. R.

I love the Hydrating Peel-Off Masque! I had become complacent about using it lately, even though it takes only minutes. Immediately after using it again, I could see such a difference. I love the feel and look of my skin now! It's so moist and fine lines are all but gone! Thank you for such a wonderful product. I have renewed my commitment to using it regularly from now on!

—Candy D.

“I used to avoid peel-off masks because they made my face dry, but after trying the Hydrating Peel-Off Masque, I was very impressed that a mask can actually hydrate and unclog pores at the same time! I also found that applying foundation and makeup after masking gives much better results, and I love how it helps fight dullness, as it refreshes your skin. I would definitely recommend the Hydrating Peel-Off Masque to everyone! Not only will it help your Noevir skincare products work better, but your makeup will look great, as well!

—Ann T.

I love the Hydrating Peel-Off Masque! It rejuvenates my skin and gives me a fresh look. It is so easy to use—just smooth it on, relax for 15 to 20 minutes and peel off. Then look in the mirror and see a fresh glowing complexion! My other Noevir products are so much more effective when I mask, so I mask two to three times a week to maximize the benefits of all my ‘fountain of youth’ Noevir products.

—Linda D.

Testimonial from a 808 Line Set user:

808 LineI have been using Noevir's 808 Line and have definitely seen an improvement in the condition of my dry skin.  I use an electric shaver and it can be just as irritating as a straight razor blade because I press so hard to get a close shave and use the lotion to soothe the skin after shaving.

Also I recently started acupuncture treatments for simple stress and muscle stiffness and I use the Skin Milk when I get home and after showering and it helps soothe any small red spots from the very fine sterile needles used by my licensed acupuncturist.

Thanks again for introducing me to your product line, and when the bottles are empty, you will be receiving a reorder for sure.

—Robert, TX

Testimonials from Cordyceps  users:
Cordyceps“I have used Cordyceps for several years. I wasn't sure of all the benefits I would receive, but it turns out I got much more than I anticipated. At first, I noticed a higher level of stamina and energy. Then I noticed an increase in flexibility and strength in my joints. I have tested that aspect several times and Cordyceps clearly supports my joints. Then, when I traveled overseas, I got incredible relief from jet lag and could maintain a good energy level, even though I had a loss of sleep after a long trip. It makes my trips to Japan so much more pleasurable! When I take Cordyceps together with Agaricus, I also find that it helps with clarity in my thinking, which is a common symptom of Fibromyalgia. I believe that it's the increased oxygen levels provided by Cordyceps. Don't forget that they use Cordyceps for high altitude climbing to increase the availability of oxygen when ascending the mountains. I make it a priority to purchase Cordyceps each month, because my good health comes first!”

—Mary Williams

Testimonials from 99 Skincare Line users:

99 Skincare Line"I have tried the expensive over the counter products and found only a few that would work on my skin.  However, the price was always more than Noevir plus my skin did not feel the same.  When I used the other cleansers, my face felt like a dried up prune, scaley and it flaked a lot.  When I used the other moisturizers, I didn't even feel like my skin benefited.  The cream seemed to sit on the surface of my skin and my makeup easily smudged and came off.

With Noevir I am totally satisfied.  I know my skin is benefiting.  I have no more break outs, my skin is soft and pliable after cleansing, and the moisturizer penetrates deeply so that I feel the difference immediately.  My makeup glides on and I look and feel great!  I am using the 99 Skin Care Line and I'm sold on this great product."


I've been trying different products without much success. As fine lines and uneven skin tones increased, I was becoming more frustrated.  Buying the 95 Skincare line (now the 99 Skincare Line) Eye Treatment Gel and Peel Off Masque was a great gift to myself!  My skin can be very sensitive and just applying the moisturizer with some products could really leave my cheeks red. I started using Noevir the very night I received my box from UPS.  As I finished applying my make-up the very next morning, I thought I could see a glow that has not been there for a few years.  My skin looked positively radiant! My thought to myself was "Gee, wonder how long before co-workers ask what I'm doing differently." Thanks, Noevir."
"I would like to thank you for the reminder of how important it is to use the complete Skin Care as a set and not skip any steps. 
I have always had trouble with my skin for as long as I can remember and that is why I am now using Noevir skincare products and the 99 line.  My complexion started looking pretty good.  However, I still had one spot that I could not get cleared up. So after following all steps for a few months and no change, I decided to drop the gentle foaming cleanser and use regular soap on my face with all the other steps of  the 99 line.  The spot cleared up, however, my skin was looking tired and lines becoming fairly noticeable on my face as well as dry spots were appearing.  I was doing everything else the proper way and in the correct order and was even thinking about changing from the 99 line to the 105 or 505 line and just couldn't understand why my skin was looking so lifeless and dull.  After reading the importance of using ALL steps and not skipping or substituting any part of the skin care line, I decided to try the gentle foaming cleanser again and use the 99 line as it was intended to be used.  With only ONE time of using the entire line the correct way I could not believe how alive my skin looked and felt, it was actually unbelievable. 
I am now back on track and my skin looks healthy with a natural glow and is so soft, the lines and dryness has all gone away and my skin looks 5-10 years younger.  It was truly amazing the difference of using the complete line versus skipping or substituting any part of the skin care regime. 
Thank you Janice and Noevir for the reminder of how important it is to use all the products. 
I have beautiful skin that looks great and feels great!"

"My face is so soft now like it was when I was in grade school, and my complexion has evened out.  Now I know how my skin is really supposed to be."

"I have been using Noevir for 2 weeks now and am noticing a difference in the texture of my skin it looks smoother and more radiant. I almost forgot to put on foundation the other day, that's a first! Have a great day."


"I have used Noevir off and on for about 14 years now.  When money got tight I thought I was helping myself and my family by using other products.  I recently ran across one of my 99 sample packs and started using it one night.  I used it again the next morning and was AMAZED by the difference in my skin so fast!  I will be 50 next year and have made a pact with myself to NEVER deprive my skin of what I now know are the best products made! Thank you Noevir for giving my skin a second chance"


Testimonials from Spirulina users:

SpirulinaI've been taking Noevir's nutritionals for nearly 12 years now, and I truly believe they have helped me stay healthy. Prior to taking them, I used to get colds and flus, especially in the winter season. I can honestly say that I almost never get sick now—and if I do, I bounce back much more quickly. I was very happy when I first heard Noevir was going to be offering Spirulina. My wife and I take it daily—I wouldn't be without it. I have read about Spirulina for years and I knew if Noevir was going to offer it, it would be the best available. Thank you for another excellent product!

—Malcolm (& Sheri)

When I started taking Spirulina over two years ago, I learned quickly that it is important never to run out. The day after running out, I immediately noticed increased tension in the muscles of my shoulders and neck area. At the time, I was a full-time college student, wife, and mother, who was constantly reading textbooks and writing papers at the computer. Taking Spirulina helped reduce muscle tension in my shoulders and kept me going when I was continually eating on the run. Now I work at a job where I do a lot of work at the computer, including desktop publishing, data entry, and Internet research. With all the time I spend at the computer, I won’t take a chance of running out of Spirulina. I don’t want to risk it!


I've had very brittle, weak nails with very prominent ridges for many years. A dermatologist friend said I had damaged my nail bed by pushing back my cuticles. I told her I never push my cuticles back. I've been taking Noevir nutritionals for over a year now and my nails have improved, but it's been a slow process. Kathryn Stueckle had recommended months before that I take approximately 30 tablets a day of Spirulina for my overall health. I decided to start taking 15 tablets twice a day on a regular basis about four months ago. The rough ridges are now completely gone and my nails are long, beautiful and smooth. I don't think I've ever had such beautiful nails in my life. I attribute my overall good health to my daily Noevir nutritionals and I know that adding Spirulina is the icing on the cake. My whole family has added Spirulina to our daily diet. Thank you Noevir for another fabulous product!


My mother, Janice Chun, has been giving my three year old daughter, Rebecca, Spirulina for about a year now. Rebecca started taking it when she started pre-school. She actually chews about 5-10 tablets a day. Any parent knows that the pre-school years are plagued with colds and flus. Before Rebecca started taking Spirulina, she brought home a couple of nasty colds from pre-school and shared it with our whole family. After she started taking it, the colds have been rare and mild. When we forget to give her Spirulina, she reminds us. Our older daughter, who is a picky eater, mixes Agaricus with her miso soup. Her health has also improved significantly.


I just began taking Spirulina this month, and I can already see why so many of our customers love this product! The tablets are small, so they are easy to swallow and they do not leave a bad taste in one's mouth. I decided to try Spirulina because I don't always eat all the amounts of fruits and veggies I should be eating. Sometimes, my meals are not as "balanced" as I'd like them to be and Noevir's Spirulina supplies us with fiber, vitamins and minerals, amongst other nutrients. I love that it also aids in cleansing and detoxification to help with one's overall health!


Testimonials from Tokara Hair Care users:
"I am very pleased with the Tokara Shampoo and how my hair felt and the body that it has. I am delighted with how it makes my hair look and feel throughout the day. I have very fine hair that needs all the body & texture it can get and this Tokara Shampoo is helping. I like that it takes only a small amount of shampoo to generate lots of lather. I am finding that I get less scalp buildup. I definitely plan to buy more in the future."

Testimonials from Noevir Hair Formula users:

"I took the new Noevir Hair Water and Hair Serum to my hairdresser and asked her to use on clients and give me feedback. She said the Serum worked excellently on hair that needs to be "pieced", the hair water worked excellently on younger folks' hair who bleach hair and then add a red, blue, orange color...perserves the color longer! and the Hair Water works excellently on thin hair by spritzing underneath and then letting air dry or blow dry--voluminous, healthy, beautiful hair. She bought 6 sets and will offer to her clients!"


"My hair has been really dry this winter and the Hair Water and Serum seem to help with the dry feeling and my hair actually feels softer than usual. I find myself putting my hands through it during the day because it is such a change. Other store products are so much more expensive and leave my hair feeling oily."

“After trying many different products for my hair, I decided to try the NHF Deep Serum. Of course, if you are like me, you are reluctant to add another product to the huge pile of partially-used bottles. Some worked better than others, but I was not completely satisfied. Now, I am going to just dump them all without a twinge of regret, because I have the NHF Deep Serum and Hair Water. Because I wash and blow-dry my hair every day, my hair tends to be dry, although the Tokara Shampoo and Conditioner have really helped. The Deep Serum immediately made my hair more silky and lustrous, and styling my hair became easier. I had more control and my hair did not look so ‘flyaway.’ My hair looks so much healthier, and my stylist has really noticed. I am completely happy with the Deep Serum and Hair Water and can fully endorse them without hesitation!”


“The NHF Deep Serum is great to help prevent frizziness; it leaves my hair soft and manageable. I’ve been sharing mine with others! Yesterday, I told one of my retail customers about it, how it adds shine and helps repair damage. She tried it and ordered one! Later that day, I was speaking to one of the girls in my unit. We talked about how it hydrates and helps brittle ends, and she decided to order one, too! It's great that now we can take care of our hair, like we do with our skin. I’ve been told that the hair water is like the balancing lotion, and the deep serum is like the moisturizer...but for your hair! What a great way to explain this to our customers!”


“My hair used to be falling, limp and dry, but after trying the NHF Deep Serum, I immediately noticed a difference. My hair appeared to be shinier, healthier-looking and soft to the touch. My hair no longer feels dry and limp, and I noticed I am no longer losing as much hair. It has really helped strengthen my hair.”


Testimonials from Speciale Cream users:

"I love Speciale!! I was very apprehensive in trying this product because I have had so much trouble with my skin. I decided to give Speciale a try. The first time I used it, I could not believe the difference in the way my skin felt. It was so incredibly soft. I woke up several times during the night just touching my skin because I could not believe the difference. My skin not only felt soft but felt soft, plump and healthy. I have used Speciale only four times and my skin looks radiant and has a beautiful color...looks very smooth and feels the best it has felt in years. The dryness and fine lines are already disappearing, I can't wait to see what my skin looks like after using Speciale for a couple of months. My only regret is that I did not start using Speciale 10 years ago. I will never go without Speciale. It truly is a permanent part of my skin care regimen. Thank You Noevir for making the greatest skin care product!"


Testimonials from Raysela Sunscreen users:
"Today, I went swimming with the grandkids, I forgot to take my Noevir Raysela Sun Screen. I used my daughters spray on sunscreen, and I have to tell you, that was the nastiest feeling gritty slime I have ever felt! I used it on my face also, yuck! I got into the pool sooner than I wanted to, but I had to have some relief from the icky feeling. The Noevir sunscreen doesn't have that feeling, it feels more like a moisturizer for the skin. Even though Roswell is an arid, semi-desert, the altitude is almost 3700 ft. above sea level and since I already have had skin cancer, I am cautious about the sun more now than ever. Even my dermatologist cautions his patients about the harmful rays and New Mexico is in the top three worst states for skin cancer cases. From now on, my swim bag will contain a swimsuit, towel, flip flops, and Raysela!"


I was visiting family in Massachusetts with my two children and was very good about applying sunscreen to both my 8-year-old Trevor and 3-year-old Amelia. What I noticed in the first few days there was that Amelia began to have a rash on her shoulders and arms. My mom had just signed up and received the Raysela Body Protector SPF 30+ in the mail, so I thought I should give it a try on Amelia. Needless to say, Grandma never got her hands on it and Amelia enjoyed the sunny weather in Massachusetts without any more rashes.


Living in sunny Arizona, we have the sun 365 days a year. If we don't protect ourselves every day, we will be older in no time. That’s why everyday, before I leave the house, I put Raysela Body Protector on my arms. I will be 60 years old at the end of October and I still do not have one age or sun spot on my arms. I love it! It is not greasy. It is moisturizing, clear and light. Thank you, Noevir, for keeping me looking young!


A couple of years back, I started to get a rash from using sunscreen products sold in drugstores. I still remember going to the doctor's office to get acupuncture treatment for my rash after using those sunscreen products. Soon after this event, I started to look for a different sunscreen product and luckily I was introduced to Noevir at that time. I bought Raysela Body Protector a couple of weeks before my trip to Hawaii, and I was glad that there was no rash after using the product. I was very happy to be safe in the sun and not have to worry about a skin rash.


I recently used the Raysela Face Protector SPF 30 while attending my son's graduation from college. It wasn't a particularly hot day, but as is my beauty regimen, I applied the sunscreen to my face before my makeup, since it not only protects my skin from sun damage, but also acts as a nice primer for my makeup. Well, on that graduation day, I ended up being the only one in my family whose face did not have a sunburn and I owe it all to the magnificent properties that are in the Noevir sunscreen! I did offer to have everyone use the Noevir sunscreen as well that day, as I carry a tube in my purse, but they declined. I bet now they wish they would have listened to me!


I just wanted everyone to know that, growing up riding horses and now playing golf, I almost live in the sun. I have used many sun protections through the years, but Raysela Face Protector has by far been the best! It is not thick and does not turn your face white or make your face look greasy. It blends with the skin and fully protects the face and neck area. The redness on my neck has gone away since using the Raysela Face Protector and I can now be in the sun and not worry about my face and neck. It is Great!


I have had sensitive, oily skin all my life; creams, lotions, and especially sunscreens never agreed with my skin type. Applying the wrong product to my face would leave my face blotchy red for days, and sometimes, large severe breakouts would occur. So I went without sunscreen for years, even though my dermatologist advised me to use it daily due to the sensitivity of my skin. Over the years, I’ve spent a fortune on different high-end brands of sunscreens, promising to offer a light feel on the skin and allowing pores to breath; however all were false advertisement. They were greasy and made my face look shiny, highlighting all my acne imperfections, which isn’t something anyone wants. Then three years ago, I was introduced to the Raysela Face Protector. I tried it, and was immediately hooked! Raysela has been the only sunscreen to leave my skin with a natural look. It provides a nice, matte finish and is so light I sometimes forget I’m even wearing it! It not only protects, but it makes my skin look fresh and clean. Since visiting Maui, I also found that Raysela Face Protector works better than my other sunscreens, which offers an SPF of 65. I went snorkeling for a good two hours in the ocean and ended up with a slight burn on my body where I had applied the SPF 65, while my face was still protected! I’m truly amazed and love this product; I never leave the house without it on.


I am a very proud user of Noevir’s Raysela Sun Care products and recommend them to all of my friends and family. I have extremely sensitive skin and react to every single sunscreen out there. I’ve tried every brand from over-the-counter brands to cosmetic brands; I even got to the point where I tried extra sensitive sunscreen for babies. However, the end result remained the same: I would end up breaking out in hives. When I first came to Noevir, I was skeptical about trying yet another sunscreen, but I thought to myself. ‘I’ve already tried so many, what’s one more?’ To my surprise, I didn’t have an allergic reaction to the Raysela products! I am so happy that Noevir created this product and now I can sit in the sun without worrying about burning — no one likes to burn! Thank you, Noevir! Please don’t ever stop making Raysela! And to everyone out there who are SUPER sensitive, I would totally recommend this product!


Although I am very new with Noevir (I just started at the end of December), I love the company and all of its products! I am a firm believer in the Raysela Face Protector SPF 30, as I have been using it every day. This product is perfect for everyday use, because of its non-greasy and very light formula. The fact that this product is non-greasy makes it the perfect base for my makeup regimen. I wanted to send in my testimonial for this product, because I spent the whole month of April in the Philippines; and for all those who have been to the tropics, I am sure you know how strong the sun is and how humid and just awfully hot it can be down there. By applying Raysela every morning, however, I was protected from the hot sun. I also noticed that Raysela kept my face hydrated and healthier looking. Even without makeup, I have been getting so many compliments about my beautiful skin. Of course, I know I owe all these compliments to the Noevir skincare products that I use daily. Thank you, Noevir!

Testimonials from No AGX users:
I am a new consultant and have shown NO-AGX to my first two clients. The first one, Cathy, loved it so much and said it smells so good...like roses. She decided to have a party in her home of 12 people. My neighbor, Nancy, loved the serum and said it made her face feel soft and plump. She became a consultant and bought the product on the spot. It is a wonderful product to use...as are all the Noevir products.


I have been using the NO-AGX for a week now and I noticed the difference immediately. My skin is clearer, softer and finer. It also feels baby soft to the touch. I have a few dark skin tags on my face and they now appear a lot lighter and smaller. I love this product. It has immediate results!


No false advertising here. Noevir has done it again! I have been using Noevir since 1987. I will be celebrating my 73rd birthday this week, and I have been told by many that I look in my 50s. It could be all of the following: my faith, my genes and my Noevir products. N0-AGX is as smooth as silk going on and unbelievably soft; and yes, I do notice a clearer, more youthful complexion even at my age. A friend told me last week that I look very rested. No, I didn't get more sleep—in fact, I had a very stressful week—so I attribute that compliment to NO-AGX. I will let you know if perhaps someone will tell me that I now look in my 40s (lol)! No matter, it is truly amazing that Noevir just keeps getting better and better when the product is superior to begin with. You have a customer for life.


I'm 23 years old and I've used Noevir for a long time. In August, I began using NO-AGX, and within days saw improvements in my skin. My face has long had the "Noevir glow" and a translucent appearance, but NO-AGX gave me even better glow and transparency. Soon I noticed that my pores appeared smaller, my skin smoother, and I had fewer blemishes. Today I noticed how young my skin looks! It looks like the skin of a teenager, rather than the skin of a twenty-something. After using Noevir for so long, I didn't think that my skin could be improved. After all, I was using the best skincare there is! But thanks to Noevir and NO-AGX, I look so much better than before!


Testimonials from Perfecting Eye Cream users:
“I have always had very dark circles around my eyes. I was told that it can be from stress or lack of sleep, but my dark circles stayed even if I was fully rested. My doctor even told me that it's just the way it is and there is no medication for it. When I bought the Perfecting Eye Cream and started using it, after a few weeks, I started to see that the dark circles around my eyes are slowly diminishing. I was so glad to finally discover a product that works!”

—Noreen Graham

“My sister and I don't agree about very many things, but there is one item that we both have come to love and that is the Noevir Perfecting Eye Cream. I first began using the eye cream over a year ago and noticed a difference in my eyes almost immediately. When I flew to the Midwest to see my family, my sister did a double take and noticed that I had been doing something different with my beauty regimen, but couldn't put her finger on it. The major thing she noticed, however, was that the eye ‘crinkles’ had been decreased and the overall ‘crepeness’ was gone. Being the good sister that I am, I shared with her the Noevir Perfecting Eye Cream and she has been sold ever since and faithfully uses it as often as I do. We don't go anywhere without it. We even carry a small container with us in our purse when we fly just in case our luggage is lost. The thought of missing a night without our cream is unheard of! The eye cream is my favorite product of Noevir.”

—Audrey Benton 

“Wow! What can I say? I just love this product! If you were to ask me to choose just one of Noevir's special treatments, I would have to choose the Perfecting Eye Cream. I am going to be 46 years old in a few days and have no crow's feet at all around my eyes. I will not go a day or night without using the eye cream generously around my entire eye and eyelid area. I love that it not only helps with wrinkles but it also tightens and prevents those ugly dark and puffy raccoon eyes in the morning! I challenge anyone who hasn't tried this product to buy it and use it on only one eye for a month—and not tell anyone. You will absolutely see the difference and so will everyone else! It is so exciting when I recommend the Perfecting Eye Cream to my customers and they come back raving about it and say, ‘You were right! This eye cream is incredible!’ I just had a friend that I hadn't seen in 10 years tell me today, ‘There is no way you are a grandma.’ It is the same comment I get when I am out with my grandbabies…’Your eyes, your skin, you have no wrinkles.’ That is also why I have used Noevir's skincare products for over 23 years and know without a doubt they will keep my face and skin young for the next 40 years without getting a face lift! Give your self a gift by buying the Perfecting Eye Cream and you will also be saying, ‘I LOVE IT!’”

—Eunice Edwards

“Prior to my using the Perfecting Eye Cream, I had droopy eyelids, crow’s feet, and puffiness under my eyes. Then I started using the eye cream and experienced fantastic results! All my past pictures had me with very "squinty" eyes. When friends were taking my picture, they would say, ‘Open your eyes.’ Other friends would ask me why I don't line my eyelids anymore, when in fact I had my lids permanently lined many years ago. It was hidden by the droopiness of the eyelids. My business has grown from Noevir's Perfecting Eye Cream, because I have ‘before and after’ pictures that really reflect what an extraordinary difference the eye cream has made. Thank you, Noevir, for such a magical product!”

—Janice Chun

“This is a wonderful product! The first day I applied it, I had to conduct a search for the fine lines (baby crow's feet) along the outer edges of my eyes! They seemed to have disappeared. The texture is perfect, and the scent is gentle and does not last like synthetic perfume (which would give me a headache!). I LOVE this eye cream — my long search for one that's effective is over!”

—Laura De Ponte

Testimonials from BlancNew Reset-W users:

“I learned about BlancNew Reset-W at my first Kick-Off Meeting in Irvine, CA in 2008. I was so impressed with this Noevir product when I saw the whitening experiment shown in the meeting. I came back home feeling that I gained more product knowledge and better ways to take care of my skin. I immediately started to share this wonderful product with my friends. I use it every day to control the many sun spots that seem to increase with my age.”

—Ann Tien

“I have been plagued with sun spots for some time now, and I have no one to blame but myself. I used to be a sunbather and used baby oil as my protectant, and now I am paying for it. I had sun spots/brown age spots that plagued my face/neck/front of chest. It bothered me quite a bit, but I found no product that worked for me. Noevir, however, introduced BlancNew Reset-W not too long ago and stated its usefulness in decreasing the appearance of age spots and the like. I thought I would give it a try, as Noevir has never let me down before in their quality products. Well in a matter of weeks, I noticed quite a difference in the intensity of the color of the spots. They were much lighter, and the bonus for me was that my skin glowed. A win-win in my book!”

—Audrey Benton

“I have used BlancNew Reset-W for about two months now. What I love about it is that the freckles of my skin are lightening up. You barely see the discolored marks. I like the way my skin feels as well. It smoothes easily over my skin, and a little goes a long way. I always apply directly to the areas of concern first with one pump. Then I add another pump to my fingers, rub together and apply over my entire face. I have noticed a marked difference in the coloration of areas where I got freckles, and the pregnancy mask like discoloration of my skin is virtually gone. I also use Raysela to keep these freckles at bay. That way, I will always have even-toned skin. I am liking what I am seeing!”

—Patricia Shirley

“I have been using Noevir since 1985—Noevir was 7 and I was 35. As of July 1, I'm now 60 years old and thankful. Thankful that Cheri introduced me to Noevir, and a renewed thankfulness to Noevir for their consistent commitment to creating the finest personal care products possible. I recently got samples for my clients, one of them being the new BlancNew Reset-W. I did my usual nightly skincare and used BlancNew on four age spots on the side of my face that were basically unable to be covered with my foundation. The NEXT morning when I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe my eyes! I yelled at Richard to come look, and his reply was, ‘I'm not surprised, after all it is Noevir.’ After all these years, I still love you, Noevir.

—Ruby Roberts

“I have sensitive skin, and after being introduced to Noevir products two years ago, I was amazed by the results. I’ve been using Noevir’s herbal skincare ever since, and love it! When I added BlancNew reset-W to my skincare routine, I noticed that my skin became more radiant, smooth and lighter, and I have received a lot of compliments from my friends. Thank you, Noevir!”

—Leticia Jularbal

Important: Do not be fooled by auction sites such as E-Bay, Amazon, or other non-authorized Noevir distributors who claim to sell Noevir as the real deal. Read more.

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