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Questions and Answers about Noevir's Home Based Business


How do I succeed with Noevir's home based business?

Personal testimony and belief in Noevir products are key in creating success for this network marketing opportunity. When you think about it, most people would be reluctant to order a waiter's recommendation if the waiter had never tasted the dish. In the same way, people are more excited to see a movie if a respected friend does nothing but rave about the plot -- this is the idea behind affiliate and network marketing. The concept is the same when promoting your Noevir business and products. What better way to show your belief in Noevir than to proudly use the products and enthusiastically share your experiences?

You can earn bonuses if you tell others how they can buy Noevir products wholesale, and even more bonuses if those who join choose to build a business as well. You can make retail sales creating a nice profit. In addition, you get to purchase Noevir products for your own use at substantially reduced wholesale prices, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

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How do I get more details on this opportunity?

Complete the Noevir Business Form on this site to request any additional information you may need. Even if you choose not to pursue Noevir's home based business right away, you can start saving money buying the Noevir products wholesale.

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I've never thought of myself as a salesperson. Can I do this?

Definitely. Start by purchasing the Noevir products for yourself. Your natural enthusiasm for the products and opportunity will shine through. The extent to which you use affiliate marketing to sell the Noevir products is entirely up to you.

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Can I start part-time? I can't afford to leave my current job now.

Absolutely. One of the greatest features of this work from home business is that you can start part-time while you continue to work. As your business grows, you decide whether to make it your full-time business or not. Many people like what they do and would simply like to make a little extra money.

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I don't have the time.

That's precisely why you need this business - so that you have the time to do the things you enjoy. This isn't just a business about financial freedom. It is also a business designed to create the time to enjoy the money you make.

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Do I have to purchase or sell a certain amount of products each month?


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Do I have to sponsor others?

You don't have to sponsor anyone if you choose not to. Once again, it is your business.

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Is training available?

Yes. Your registration kit provides you with training. The person who sponsored you can help with the training and special training by the company is offered. For a small fee, Noevir will even host your own online catalog allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a virtual franchise.

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How much money can I make?

Everyone is different and situations and circumstances vary. There are people in Noevir who earn in excess of $100,000.00 annually. However, there are others who have made little or nothing because they did not put forth any effort. They did not buy products for themselves, they did not sell retail, they do not sponsor wholesale, they did not tell others about the Noevir Business.

Fortunately, the Noevir Business plan directly rewards those who put forth the effort. If you work smart and hard, you will earn more than you would putting the same effort into a different job or business.

By sharing the business opportunity with someone else, you will continue to earn bonuses on their efforts for as long as they remain with Noevir.

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"Janice is wired for success. Her ability to strategically think for each business partner gives her downline an edge over other groups. Her past success in the corporate world intertwined with her knowledge of the Noevir's business plan and product is what most customers and representatives desire. Her passion to serve the clients is why she has attained the levels of honor at Noevir. This is why I personally have signed up again under Janice to ensure I'm getting the best products for myself and family. I know Janice will educate me on new products and notify me when special offers will benefit my pocket book. How fortunate for Noevir she is committed to their company, to her business partners and customers. Janice is a "guaranteed success"."

- Julie Higgins